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I'm OK with those ideas, but I hope you run them before or after the entire league schedule. My beef with the WC before was that NT coaches were able to change player tactics on league dates/games.
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Originally Posted by Dragon View Post

We've tried on a couple of different occasions to bring back the WC but we can never find enough people to manage the teams.
There are plenty of players wanting to play on their national teams but without managers, it's a lost cause.
that is kind of sad
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Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
What do you guys think about a World Challenge?
All Star teams from each region?
(APP would probably be too dominant but it's something to think about. )
That could work. It's 8 teams which are easy to work with although it would probably be quite exclusive.

I would still like to see countries (never a fan of regions anyway) as there would be more teams and players involved.

There was a problem before that players who played for their normal team who were then picked for their national side would have the tactics that they were going to use for their normal team changed by the national manager who thought he was just changing the player's tactics for the national team. I dunno if that has been fixed. If not I suggest only having players that are not on a domestic team play for their national side.

If you change it to regions then you would need to associate each country with their correct region. For example a player who was from the United Kingdom would play, I guess, for the Euro West team. I dunno if you know which countries are from which region.

I would also like to know what is happening with the Coach A National Team section of Manage Team. You can still select national teams you would like to be voted for to manage. Could this still be used? If there are too many managers I think it should be.

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