DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Japan Cup
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Niue Basketball Dark Archon 306
Armenia Basketball Vladimir Akopian 178
USA Basketball Silver Pearl 156
Japan Basketball Lomore Generation Ii 139
Japan Basketball Takenori Akagi 128
Finland Basketball Pavel Eljanov 125
Lithuania Basketball Ruslanas Junior 118
USA Basketball Bubble Trouble 116
Andorra Basketball Discreto Tirador 109
Philippines Basketball E.b. Arias 95
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Top Players In Assists
Japan Basketball Kaede Rukawa 55
El Salvador Basketball Nyc Diesel 54
Finland Basketball Pavel Eljanov 40
Canada Basketball Block Pfreb 36
Armenia Basketball Vladimir Akopian 36
Wallis and Futuna Basketball Pineapple Chronic 35
Chile Basketball K'a Darthis 33
Japan Basketball Hao Wang 31
Japan Basketball Naoya Npc Coleman 31
Jamaica Basketball Chronic Supernova 30
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Top Players In Steals
Spain Basketball Lr ® Señor De Annwn 51
Denmark Basketball Rustam Kazimdzhanov 43
El Salvador Basketball Nyc Diesel 35
USA Basketball Bubble Trouble 30
Japan Basketball Ryota Miyagi 24
Japan Basketball Hao Wang 19
Philippines Basketball Ed Bryan Arias 16
USA Basketball Mongolian Indica 14
Japan Basketball Yuma 13
USA Basketball Fernand Mondego 13
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Top Players In Blocks
Canada Basketball Block Pfreb 21
Belgium Basketball Rygel Dominator 15
Finland Basketball Pavel Eljanov 14
Jamaica Basketball Chronic Supernova 13
Philippines Basketball E.b. Arias 13
Japan Basketball Takenori Akagi 12
Cameroon Basketball Salomon Gandengue 11
Mexico Basketball Juan Escobar 11
USA Basketball Silver Pearl 11
Lithuania Basketball Ruslanas Junior 10
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Top Players In Rebounds
Belgium Basketball Rygel Dominator 139
Chile Basketball K'a Darthis 106
Philippines Basketball E Arias 73
Jamaica Basketball Chronic Supernova 70
Canada Basketball Block Pfreb 70
Wallis and Futuna Basketball Pineapple Chronic 66
Japan Basketball Takenori Akagi 65
Greece Basketball Giorgos Xwriatis 63
Denmark Basketball Rustam Kazimdzhanov 63
Argentina Basketball Jocky Shorshonitis 60
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