DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Ancestorian Cup
  Pools 321684 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Germany Basketball Ghor Rio 921
Guernsey Basketball Will Russell 863
New Zealand Basketball Rich Boy 839
Philippines Basketball Kid Raps 810
USA Basketball Boom Boom Roberts 783
USA Basketball Alpha Bounds 779
Norway Basketball Krunch Kidd 759
Eritrea Basketball Diamond Dog 742
Philippines Basketball Ico Makunochi 699
Mexico Basketball El Chalupe 643
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Top Players In Assists
USA Basketball Dee Fender 411
New Zealand Basketball Richie Smoove 340
Spain Basketball Ott Tho 336
Jamaica Basketball Marko 257
Lithuania Basketball Truksta Vardo 254
Philippines Basketball Rich Kidd 242
France Basketball Joakim Noah 232
Serbia Basketball Radomir Hadžić 211
Sao Tome and Principe Basketball Ozzy Ozzbourne 210
USA Basketball Rondo #1 205
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Top Players In Steals
USA Basketball Dee Fender 217
USA Basketball Lebron Jordan 183
Jamaica Basketball Marko 142
Serbia Basketball Radomir Hadžić 141
New Zealand Basketball Richie Smoove 102
Sweden Basketball Shape Of Despair 91
Trinidad and Tobago Basketball Pera Ložač 90
Spain Basketball Rudy Fernandez 83
USA Basketball High Hopes 75
Russia Basketball Jurij Bojka 71
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Top Players In Blocks
Philippines Basketball Mamun Tusay 105
North Korea Basketball Cho Jin-young 85
France Basketball Joakim Noah 85
New Zealand Basketball Richie Blocka 82
Philippines Basketball Ico Makunochi 79
USA Basketball Boog Goye 78
Guernsey Basketball Will Russell 70
Brazil Basketball Eder Chiquinho 65
New Zealand Basketball Richie Skuxx 64
Turkey Basketball Al Hussal 62
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Top Players In Rebounds
Nauru Basketball Ripper Shank 594
Spain Basketball Ott Tho 498
Spain Basketball Angel Rubio 457
New Zealand Basketball Richie Blocka 446
Philippines Basketball Ico Makunochi 384
New Zealand Basketball Richie Skuxx 348
Lithuania Basketball Lombaradas Krikštasonis 330
USA Basketball True Center 325
Guernsey Basketball Will Russell 325
Serbia Basketball Branko D.rodman 318
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Analflute (149 posts)

Two teams that I manage/help manage in final? Yay, that's awesome :D.

10 years ago by Analflute (149) | Like | Comment | Open
adrijus.g (160 posts)

Oh balls..... didn't win it! Good game Dragon. Congrats. Wasn't too far off but you deserve it.

11 years ago by adrijus.g (160) | Like | Comment | Open
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