DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
1st Division Cup
  1286432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Philippines Basketball Pedro Penduko 328
El Salvador Basketball Efren Ramirez 272
Ireland Basketball Earth Quake 269
Philippines Basketball Enteng Kabisote 262
USA Basketball Johnny Flynn Jr. 252
Brazil Basketball Anderson Silva 248
United Kingdom Basketball Eddie The Head 236
Philippines Basketball Nardong Putik 224
India Basketball Kumar Lakshmikumar 222
Canada Basketball Radio Silence 220
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Top Players In Assists
El Salvador Basketball El Famoso 131
USA Basketball Aaron Mielke Jr. 107
Philippines Basketball Bertong Badtrip 95
Israel Basketball Abraham Azulai 84
Canada Basketball Eager Beaver 69
Spain Basketball Recoil™ 59
Montenegro Basketball Great Desert 55
Eritrea Basketball Mbutu Seseko 54
Japan Basketball Red Point 43
USA Basketball Marcus Brody 43
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Top Players In Steals
USA Basketball Aaron Mielke Jr. 73
Nepal Basketball Tastes Like Kevin Bacon 51
Iceland Basketball Islenskur Fjarhundur 49
Poland Basketball Mark Jackson 48
Brazil Basketball Dominic Toretto 45
Brazil Basketball Back Guard 42
Philippines Basketball Bertong Badtrip 41
Botswana Basketball Damela Quesmia 40
USA Basketball Cave Of Spleen Jr. 37
Australia Basketball Jazzy Jeff 37
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Top Players In Blocks
Philippines Basketball Joaquin Bordado 29
USA Basketball Cailean Wolf 24
Kingman Reef Basketball Silchas Ruin 23
Brazil Basketball Kenix's Wolf 23
Spain Basketball Pepe Bajabragas 23
Canada Basketball Eager Beaver 22
USA Basketball Schoolyard Billy 22
Ireland Basketball Immaculate Deception 22
El Salvador Basketball Oscar Romero 22
United Kingdom Basketball King Henry Xiii 21
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Top Players In Rebounds
Philippines Basketball Bertong Badtrip 158
Canada Basketball Eager Beaver 149
Romania Basketball Power Glass 138
Brazil Basketball Back Tool 113
Spain Basketball Crystal Dragon 112
Israel Basketball Abraham Azulai 111
El Salvador Basketball El Famoso 107
USA Basketball Collector 104
Greenland Basketball Glass Cleaner 97
Poland Basketball Jerzy Dudek 96
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GraVe (1096 posts)

FQA on top !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 years ago by GraVe (1,096) | Like | Comment | Open
darthdarell (504 posts)

Damn, I was a minute too late to set the tactics.

11 years ago by darthdarell (504) | Like | Comment | Open
Seba76 (65 posts)

First trophy of season for KAK, thanks for game robywave1971

12 years ago by Seba76 (65) | Like | Comment | Open
darthdarell (504 posts)

Nice game robywave1971! I could've defended my silver medal here. Tough 2 point loss. Argh!

12 years ago by darthdarell (504) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
  1 people like this
GraVe (1096 posts)

Wow I'm really surprised that I was able to beat you Magoo :O

12 years ago by GraVe (1,096) | Like | Comment | Open
thechill1 (88 posts)

Okc twisters still win in okc

12 years ago by thechill1 (88) | Like | Comment | Open
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