DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Norway Cup
  32168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
USA Basketball Michael Jordan 182
USA Basketball Deadeye Dick 175
Latvia Basketball Valdis Aboltins 174
Estonia Basketball Son Goku 173
Australia Basketball Solomon Jones Ii 161
USA Basketball Murderface Mcgee 150
Brazil Basketball Speed Morris 134
Morocco Basketball Peter Parker 130
Spain Basketball Charless Barkley 128
Seychelles Basketball Jj Saltos 125
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Top Players In Assists
Belarus Basketball Belarussian Magician 48
Poland Basketball Personal Trainer 46
USA Basketball Murderface Mcgee 38
Lesotho Basketball Kevin Mchale 37
USA Basketball Deadeye Dick 35
Latvia Basketball Valdis Aboltins 34
USA Basketball Curtis Duncan 30
Serbia Basketball Goran Drulic 29
Serbia Basketball Captain Jackson 27
USA Basketball Matt Scott 26
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Top Players In Steals
Israel Basketball Jesus Of Nazareth 29
Afghanistan Basketball Freddy Krueger 19
USA Basketball Chairman Wow 18
Seychelles Basketball Jj Saltos 17
Lesotho Basketball Kevin Mchale 17
USA Basketball Dimebag Damon 16
Netherlands Basketball Jack The Ripper 16
Estonia Basketball Strawberry Cough 15
Germany Basketball Peter Paul 14
Greece Basketball Kefta Def 13
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Top Players In Blocks
Netherlands Basketball B.a. Baracus 28
Bahamas, The Basketball Sunny Delight 21
Estonia Basketball Son Goku 17
USA Basketball Doctor Funkenstein 16
Afghanistan Basketball Freddy Krueger 15
Poland Basketball Personal Trainer 15
Serbia Basketball Goran Drulic 15
USA Basketball Murderface Mcgee 12
Isle of Man Basketball Atomic Cat 12
USA Basketball Big Boi 12
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Top Players In Rebounds
USA Basketball Chairman Wow 92
USA Basketball Murderface Mcgee 91
Isle of Man Basketball Atomic Cat 87
USA Basketball Buzz Lightyear 75
Belgium Basketball Matéo Kaizer 72
Kingman Reef Basketball Money Indabank 71
Brazil Basketball Speed Morris 67
Serbia Basketball Goran Drulic 66
Afghanistan Basketball Freddy Krueger 62
Germany Basketball Peter Paul 61
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