DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Norway Cup
  32168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Spain Basketball Cold Fish 604
France Basketball Mycobacterium Tuberculosis 494
Morocco Basketball Peter Parker 390
Italy Basketball Donnie Brasco 350
Iceland Basketball Sin Cara 274
USA Basketball Big Boi 258
Afghanistan Basketball Mark Henry 254
Austria Basketball Edenbridge \m/ 230
Norway Basketball Thor Samlund 204
Philippines Basketball Joms Che 204
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Top Players In Assists
USA Basketball Carlton Cocopop 174
Luxembourg Basketball Darkwell 138
Seychelles Basketball Sunburn 98
Norway Basketball Hitoshi Npc Yoshiki 88
Australia Basketball Dingo Mccracken 86
Austria Basketball Edenbridge \m/ 80
Morocco Basketball Evan Bourne 76
Liechtenstein Basketball Elis 68
Norway Basketball Brennen Npc Fabian 68
USA Basketball Dexter Morgan 68
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Top Players In Steals
Austria Basketball Edenbridge \m/ 156
Poland Basketball Santino Marella 98
Luxembourg Basketball Darkwell 82
Liechtenstein Basketball Elis 64
Ireland Basketball Trey Smooth Jr. 58
USA Basketball Citizen Pain 52
Philippines Basketball Jhulz Dim 42
Netherlands Basketball Amsterdam Flame 42
Australia Basketball Dingo Mccracken 38
Spain Basketball Emmalcubo 003 30
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Top Players In Blocks
Morocco Basketball Evan Bourne 52
Cuba Basketball Thor Odinson 42
Spain Basketball Pau Gasol 32
USA Basketball Carlton Cocopop 28
Germany Basketball Nate Gutowski 28
Cyprus Basketball Fly Leaf 26
Italy Basketball Donnie Brasco 24
USA Basketball Big Boi 24
Seychelles Basketball Sunburn 20
Ireland Basketball Trey Smooth Jr. 20
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Top Players In Rebounds
Cyprus Basketball Fly Leaf 174
Faroe Islands Basketball Duende Del Bosque 156
Iceland Basketball Sin Cara 150
Seychelles Basketball Sheamus 150
Spain Basketball Pau Gasol 140
USA Basketball Carlton Cocopop 138
France Basketball Mycobacterium Tuberculosis 132
Spain Basketball Canelalcubo Elnene 120
Morocco Basketball Evan Bourne 114
USA Basketball Big Boi 108
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