DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Minors Underachivers Cup
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Poland Basketball Threepac Shakur 398
United Kingdom Basketball Ryan Mackey Jr. 364
Brazil Basketball Phil Errup 340
China Basketball Toni ™ Unstopppable Warrior 336
Puerto Rico Basketball Piculin Hammer 320
Philippines Basketball #1 Stunna 320
France Basketball Actarus 290
France Basketball Alltheway Turntup 282
Poland Basketball Echo™ Kb24 280
Chile Basketball Echo™ Kyo 274
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Top Players In Assists
France Basketball Echo™ Archon 224
Lithuania Basketball Hulkin Out 130
Brazil Basketball Redas Zaoldyeck 100
Lithuania Basketball Toni™ Pesadilla Nocturna 86
Serbia Basketball Miloš Hadžić 86
Brazil Basketball Wocka Blockka 84
Australia Basketball Mercedes-benz C63 Amg 76
USA Basketball ♦ Scottie Pippen #33 ♦ 74
Lithuania Basketball Donatas Slanina 72
Canada Basketball Kevin Smith 62
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Top Players In Steals
France Basketball Echo™ Archon 128
Brazil Basketball Redas Zaoldyeck 124
USA Basketball ♦ Scottie Pippen #33 ♦ 94
Canada Basketball Chester Cheeto 78
Belgium Basketball Mad Stealer 72
Brazil Basketball Stretch Rodman 66
Poland Basketball Hiway Robbery 56
Australia Basketball Kung Fu Baller 56
Japan Basketball Aaron Mielke 54
Spain Basketball Ricky Rubio 52
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Top Players In Blocks
Gambia Basketball Getdat Shizzleouttaherrr 70
Spain Basketball Victor Claver 64
Armenia Basketball Kwame Wasswa 58
United Kingdom Basketball Willie Blockmore? 52
Australia Basketball Red Monster 50
Brazil Basketball Wocka Blockka 50
Poland Basketball Insane Wolf 46
Lithuania Basketball Hulkin Out 46
Poland Basketball Julius Benedict 44
Lithuania Basketball Toni™ Pesadilla Nocturna 42
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Top Players In Rebounds
Netherlands Basketball Toni© Manute Bol 316
Greece Basketball Cheeseburger Thrasher 284
Cameroon Basketball Yorsi Amunbake 256
Brazil Basketball Batpooh Thrasher 226
Lithuania Basketball Monstras "ex-zaizas" Jonas 220
United Kingdom Basketball Dennis Rodman 196
Spain Basketball Kevin Effertz 196
Lithuania Basketball Hulkin Out 190
Gambia Basketball Getdat Shizzleouttaherrr 176
Brazil Basketball Stretch Rodman 162
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torri90 (42 posts)

First Title Cup!

11 years ago by torri90 (42) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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