DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Minors Underachivers Cup
  32168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Belgium Basketball Frederik Broeckx S29 Sg 234
USA Basketball Rob Stark 174
USA Basketball Tyrion Lannister 135
USA Basketball Malachi Cristenson 132
Belgium Basketball Frederik Broeckx S29 Pg 131
USA Basketball Tywin Lannister 118
USA Basketball Hodor Hodor 116
USA Basketball Rickon Stark 107
USA Basketball Aaron Harrison 97
Afghanistan Basketball Al Fharay #10 94
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Top Players In Assists
Bahamas, The Basketball Murkovic Npc Minao 52
Afghanistan Basketball Al Fharay #10 40
USA Basketball Jadyn Npc Drulovic 39
Spain Basketball Alfredo Carrasco 37
Bahamas, The Basketball Simion Npc Haruhiko 37
USA Basketball Hodor Hodor 33
USA Basketball Cersei Lannister 31
USA Basketball Mirai Npc Norihiko 31
Lithuania Basketball Simas Jasaitis 28
Lithuania Basketball Mantas Kalnietis 27
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Top Players In Steals
Belgium Basketball Frederik Broeckx S29 Pg 44
Philippines Basketball Youji Kudou 35
USA Basketball Hodor Hodor 25
USA Basketball Rob Stark 24
Belgium Basketball Frederik Broeckx S29 Sg 17
USA Basketball Cersei Lannister 15
Spain Basketball Aurelio Carrasco 12
USA Basketball Tyrion Lannister 11
Lithuania Basketball Tadas Mard 11
USA Basketball Tywin Lannister 10
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Top Players In Blocks
Jamaica Basketball Atsushi Murasakibara 23
USA Basketball Tywin Lannister 13
USA Basketball Cersei Lannister 10
France Basketball Eclipso 10
Spain Basketball Alfredo Carrasco 8
Spain Basketball Aurelio Carrasco 7
Argentina Basketball Dreamslayer 6
USA Basketball Rob Stark 5
USA Basketball Hodor Hodor 4
USA Basketball Moses Kingsley 4
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Top Players In Rebounds
USA Basketball Rickon Stark 93
Afghanistan Basketball Al Fharay #10 72
Spain Basketball Olivier Carrasco 66
Jamaica Basketball Atsushi Murasakibara 62
USA Basketball Tywin Lannister 56
USA Basketball Moses Kingsley 50
Spain Basketball Aurelio Carrasco 46
USA Basketball Jaime Lannister 43
USA Basketball Tyrion Lannister 43
Cote d`Ivoire Basketball Clock King 42
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torri90 (42 posts)

First Title Cup!

11 years ago by torri90 (42) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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