DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Japan Division 5
This is a free for all league in Japan. Any player can play here.
You are currently viewing the final playoff stages from season 14. Click here to return to season 46.
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Top Players In Points
Australia Basketball Gary Duryea 3024
Canada Basketball Magic Johnson 2793
Australia Basketball Daniel Stayte 2449
Japan Basketball Arashi Dragon 2258
USA Basketball Matthew Thomas 2082
Canada Basketball Noko Orikuchi 1844
Japan Basketball Takumi Fujiwara 1769
Japan Basketball Tojo Makoto 1720
Australia Basketball Sickmyduck 1581
Japan Basketball Bunta Fujiwara 1513
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Top Players In Assists
Australia Basketball Big Daddy 749
Australia Basketball Mark Worthington 718
Australia Basketball Hieu Lam 602
Japan Basketball Takumi Fujiwara 570
Japan Basketball Kaede Rukawa 548
Djibouti Basketball Lord Nieve 534
Spratly Islands Basketball Mashu Tomasu 509
Australia Basketball Daniel Stayte 493
Japan Basketball Pahovic Npc Arjan 435
Tunisia Basketball Da-rell Thomas 421
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Top Players In Steals
Tunisia Basketball Da-rell Thomas 586
Australia Basketball Daniel Stayte 471
Taiwan Basketball Vong Dick 380
Australia Basketball Hieu Lam 304
Canada Basketball Magic Johnson 293
Australia Basketball Dikembe Mutombo 279
Japan Basketball Takumi Fujiwara 275
Australia Basketball Sickmyduck 267
Japan Basketball Tojo Makoto 262
Australia Basketball Mark Worthington 229
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Top Players In Blocks
Australia Basketball Corbin Dallas 219
Taiwan Basketball Vong Dick 218
Japan Basketball Tojo Makoto 201
Australia Basketball Hieu Lam 191
Canada Basketball Tower Tomaz 164
Canada Basketball Jeff Celipliz 163
Australia Basketball Dikembe Mutombo 161
Australia Basketball Mark Worthington 154
Australia Basketball Big Daddy 148
Japan Basketball Bunta Fujiwara 118
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Top Players In Rebounds
Canada Basketball Jeff Celipliz 1422
Australia Basketball Corbin Dallas 1200
Australia Basketball Sickmyduck 1120
Australia Basketball Dikembe Mutombo 1080
Canada Basketball Tower Tomaz 1062
Japan Basketball Arashi Dragon 938
Japan Basketball Tojo Makoto 841
Japan Basketball Kaede Rukawa 838
Canada Basketball Magic Johnson 746
Tunisia Basketball Da-rell Thomas 690
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