DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
USA Copper League
This is a free for all league in USA. Any player can play here.
You are currently viewing the final playoff stages from season 13. Click here to return to season 46.
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feedme (660 posts)

Stop erasing

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Omnem (1780 posts)
Welcome to our new community update. Each league has recieved its own wall and we have added a new ingame forum at http://cyberdunk.com/team.php?m=community .

We believe this will increase interaction and activity between users. Currently our user interaction is pretty limited to our forum at www.talkdep.com .

This will change that, giving you the ability to interact with people playing in your league and everywhere in the game.

If you need any help contact Dragon or Shyminx.

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Top Players In Points
Belgium Basketball Jeroen Van Dorpe 2932
Faroe Islands Basketball Gunnar Thorsen 2490
Sweden Basketball Tobias Nordstrom 2424
Australia Basketball Penny Thomas 2272
Papua New Guinea Basketball Billy Hoyle Jr 2174
Poland Basketball Echo™ Afro Ken 2089
Slovenia Basketball Mac Hunter 2079
Australia Basketball Mac Attack 2056
Italy Basketball Fausto Maggio 2005
Western Sahara Basketball Triple Threat 1775
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Top Players In Assists
Brazil Basketball Leandro Barbosa 632
Germany Basketball Gambit 560
USA Basketball Willy Maykit 499
Hong Kong Basketball Brook Lopez 460
USA Basketball Michael Dwayne 451
Canada Basketball Vincent Knight 449
Italy Basketball Henry Banks 440
Spain Basketball Rico Bodega 428
Israel Basketball Shrimpy Gallucci 428
France Basketball Tonio Parker 424
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Top Players In Steals
Brazil Basketball Leandro Barbosa 448
Croatia Basketball Roko Ukic 427
Spain Basketball Steal Saver 265
France Basketball Tonio Parker 218
USA Basketball Shan Gallucci 187
Faroe Islands Basketball Gunnar Thorsen 174
Italy Basketball Billy Gallucci 170
Canada Basketball Vincent Knight 169
Cape Verde Basketball Feijao Marron 165
Italy Basketball Henry Banks 159
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Top Players In Blocks
Spain Basketball Brutus Beltran 237
Philippines Basketball Mac Blocker 212
Hong Kong Basketball Brook Lopez 203
Israel Basketball Shrimpy Gallucci 195
USA Basketball Michael Dwayne 178
Congo Basketball Striped Swat 177
Israel Basketball Robin Lopez 174
Finland Basketball Carlos Boozer 172
Croatia Basketball Little Mac 170
USA Basketball Luigi Vampa 169
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Top Players In Rebounds
Taiwan Basketball Mung Yao 1008
Spain Basketball Adria Ferreres Montanuy 928
Spain Basketball Brutus Beltran 895
Israel Basketball Shrimpy Gallucci 733
USA Basketball Mr. T 730
Spain Basketball Rico Bodega 692
USA Basketball Kobe Lebron Wade 665
USA Basketball Tazz Mcnasty 607
USA Basketball Beaumont Biziod 602
USA Basketball Big Stretch Deezl 597
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