DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Hristo`s Trophy
  Pools 321684 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Australia Basketball Dizzy Gillespie 633
Cote d`Ivoire Basketball ✰gk | Azureus✰ 569
Turkmenistan Basketball Stephen Macey 539
United Kingdom Basketball Weston Mandrake 454
USA Basketball Father Times 452
USA Basketball Stauder's Wolf 420
Ireland Basketball Jessica Rabbit 404
Finland Basketball Mark Moore 347
Costa Rica Basketball Temeto Tresveces 341
USA Basketball ✰gk | Loose Cannon✰ 327
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Top Players In Assists
Ireland Basketball White Board 211
Australia Basketball Ray Charles 186
Finland Basketball ✰gk | Explosion✰ 142
Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Mega Torrejon 134
Poland Basketball Nuclear Vomit 127
Vatican Basketball Josip Žura 112
USA Basketball Percy Peace 105
Ireland Basketball Devious #*^%#&#$^*er 101
United Kingdom Basketball Anthony Npc Moretti 97
Australia Basketball Supreme Perfection 90
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Top Players In Steals
Australia Basketball Death By Snu Snu 219
Peru Basketball Ardent Supporter 173
France Basketball Jacques Deveaux 172
USA Basketball Morris' Wolf 122
USA Basketball David Williams 91
Germany Basketball Occupy Cyberdunk 86
Australia Basketball John Lennon 81
Isle of Man Basketball Mr Korver 66
USA Basketball John Stockton 65
Australia Basketball Dizzy Gillespie 61
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Top Players In Blocks
USA Basketball ✰gk | Certified Nut✰ 56
Finland Basketball ✰gk | Explosion✰ 54
Australia Basketball Ray Charles 49
United Kingdom Basketball King Henry Xiii 47
Turkmenistan Basketball Stephen Macey 46
Australia Basketball ✰gk | Scarlett Johansson✰ 44
Australia Basketball ✰gk | Jun Natsukawa✰ 42
Australia Basketball Darkstar Seven 39
Greece Basketball Kirk Tzatz 38
USA Basketball Why?!? Wolf 32
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Top Players In Rebounds
France Basketball Jacques Deveaux 306
Morocco Basketball ✰gk | Kate Hudson✰ 295
Australia Basketball Supreme Perfection 264
Ireland Basketball White Board 246
Peru Basketball Ardent Supporter 241
USA Basketball Why?!? Wolf 214
Spain Basketball Papas Arrugas 212
Somalia Basketball Silvia Saint 199
Australia Basketball ✰gk | Jun Natsukawa✰ 197
Greece Basketball Koulis Tzatz 194
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vezara (436 posts)

Great win for 99942 Apophis!

10 years ago by vezara (436) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
  1 people like this
KobeSon (54 posts)

I hope that we got a good final game....

11 years ago by KobeSon (54) | Like | Comment | Open
torri90 (42 posts)

Hi, the final is in the day 52. Why do you put as winners as Bk Antuzu? I don´t like see that.. Manager of Torrrejon Machacha

11 years ago by torri90 (42) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
  1 people like this
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