DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Asia Pacific Parks
Only players born between seasons 37 and 43. can play here
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gonfreaks23 (125 posts)

Also, where did the greater asia leagues now? I can't seem to see them as well.

10 years ago by gonfreaks23 (125) | Like | Comment | Open
gonfreaks23 (125 posts)

I just wanna know, whyh is it that when this game was just starting we can see how many double doubles, triple doubles, quadruple doubles and the likes in our players in a season and in his carreer gets. but today we no longer see it?

10 years ago by gonfreaks23 (125) | Like | Comment | Open
Hunterrr (28 posts)

C, SF, PF need team. :)

10 years ago by Hunterrr (28) | Like | Comment | Open
buffle31 (35 posts)

PF 133.9 born S26 need team...

10 years ago by buffle31 (35) | Like | Comment | Open
cam0023 (45 posts)

S25 SG in need of team, always training to improve
3pt 205
InSh 115
FlSh 185
Reb 100
Block 90
Steal 225
Jump 125
Stre 100
Speed 258
Stam 90
Drib 110
Pass 100
Conf 110

10 years ago by cam0023 (45) | Like | Comment | Open
bukss_a (14 posts)

C value 41 looking for team

10 years ago by bukss_a (14) | Like | Comment | Open
themongoose (67 posts)

looking for team
S25 day 12 v82.7 Shooting Guard

11 years ago by themongoose (67) | Like | Comment | Open
Lightningstorm (212 posts)

How the heck did the Melbourne Sharks beat the Irish Eyes!!!!!??????

11 years ago by Lightningstorm (212) | Like | Comment | Open
Breine524 (186 posts)

My team in Rookie Creation Challenge is in need of 2 SG Floor Shooter and 2 C Inside Scorer. Born on s27. Playing time is guaranteed. I just need a short run for the remainder of the season. If anyone is interested, you can hit me a message. Good day. Cheers. :)

11 years ago by Breine524 (186) | Like | Comment | Open
eliezar (13 posts)

Just bought the adelde cats and changed the name to eliezar buls!!!!

11 years ago by eliezar (13) | Like | Comment | Open
Lightningstorm (212 posts)

Whoa, there's a crap ton of young players this season

11 years ago by Lightningstorm (212) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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Lightningstorm (212 posts)

Irish eyes? Should be wolf pack. They look dangerous

11 years ago by Lightningstorm (212) | Like | Comment | Open
swerner0 (24 posts)

I noticed that any player that is exactly 6 feet tall or exactly seven feet tall, on their public profiles it says 6 inches and seven inches instead of feet

11 years ago by swerner0 (24) | Like | Comment | Open
mastermind777 (56 posts)

You think your team is the best? Sign up right now for the Adidas Elite 16 ---> http://cyberdunk.com/team.php?m=marathons

11 years ago by mastermind777 (56) | Like | Comment | Open
Lightningstorm (212 posts)

The Melbourne sharks only played 5 players during the whole game but one of them didn't play for the 4th quarter. If there were no subs, how is this possible? Did they only play with 4 players in the 4th quarter?

11 years ago by Lightningstorm (212) | Like | Comment | Open
Lightningstorm (212 posts)

how do i find out the results of 1on1 competitions?

12 years ago by Lightningstorm (212) | Like | Comment | Open
comebackking777 (64 posts)

Bring your A game to the Nike Hoop Summit, 32 teams max ---> http://www.cyberdunk.com/team.php?m=marathons

12 years ago by comebackking777 (64) | Like | Comment | Open
PWBaker58 (229 posts)

Sign ur player onto the Quebec Nordiques sign ur players onto The North America Playground League in the Quebec Nordiques!! Please.. Thank u for your time

12 years ago by PWBaker58 (229) | Like | Comment | Open
clutchmittens (56 posts)

International competition 32 teams MAXIMUM! Register today ---> http://www.cyberdunk.com/team.php?m=marathons

12 years ago by clutchmittens (56) | Like | Comment | Open
DwightHowardISTHEBOMB (48 posts)

Why would Dexter Quickstart (value 17) play 36 minutes and Joe-I Steel (value 30.1) only play 12 minutes in Melbourne Sharks' victory over N.W.O. 99-37? Just asking.

12 years ago by DwightHowardISTHEBOMB (48) | Like | Comment | Open
tantraboy (1 posts)


12 years ago by tantraboy (1) | Like | Comment | Open
Mackey (764 posts)

Mackey was here.

12 years ago by Mackey (764) | Like | Comment | Open
Omnem (1780 posts)
Welcome to our new community update. Each league has recieved its own wall and we have added a new ingame forum at http://cyberdunk.com/team.php?m=community .

We believe this will increase interaction and activity between users. Currently our user interaction is pretty limited to our forum at www.talkdep.com .

This will change that, giving you the ability to interact with people playing in your league and everywhere in the game.

If you need any help contact Dragon or Shyminx.

12 years ago | Like | Comment | Open
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Australia Basketball Dps Destroyer 1903
Ireland Basketball Evan Shepard 1829
Ireland Basketball Fig Jam 1758
USA Basketball Jonnie Bomber 1603
Faroe Islands Basketball Frozen Sheep 1465
Bahamas, The Basketball Butch Othello 1437
Australia Basketball Sky Eats Airplane 1424
USA Basketball Ray Allen 1400
Australia Basketball Heini Bentleys 1358
Australia Basketball Microwave Mason 1342
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Papua New Guinea Basketball Lost 488
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Australia Basketball Mailman Delivers 370
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Australia Basketball Big Ben 333
USA Basketball Ray Allen 317
USA Basketball The Hunter 288
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Ireland Basketball Speed Demon 269
USA Basketball Carlos Boozer 218
Australia Basketball David Disco 212
Sweden Basketball The Burning Halo 191
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USA Basketball Nene Othello 225
Spain Basketball Jason Othello 223
Australia Basketball Benjamin Passfield 220
Australia Basketball Pirate Pete 216
Australia Basketball Dps Destroyer 184
USA Basketball Visions Of Atlantis 180
Ireland Basketball Fig Jam 177
USA Basketball Tyson Chandler 156
USA Basketball The Hunter 151
USA Basketball Carlos Boozer 150
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USA Basketball Tyson Chandler 1129
USA Basketball Carlos Boozer 986
Ireland Basketball Bigger Blocker 978
Australia Basketball Mailman Delivers 843
USA Basketball Jonnie Bomber 773
USA Basketball Lucas Bonaq 770
USA Basketball Visions Of Atlantis 769
Australia Basketball Dps Destroyer 756
USA Basketball Nene Othello 726
USA Basketball Chesty Morgan 671
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