DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Brazil Division 6
This is a free for all league in Brazil. Any player can play here.
You are currently viewing the final playoff stages from season 14. Click here to return to season 46.
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Top Players In Points
Brazil Basketball Called Nobody 2682
Brazil Basketball Killo Watts 2378
Brazil Basketball Gustavo Scarpelini 2114
USA Basketball Stockton Tomalone 1969
Brazil Basketball Chris Well 1639
Brazil Basketball Carlos Rollo 1558
USA Basketball Andrea Bargnani 1541
Puerto Rico Basketball Jason Williams 1502
Brazil Basketball Chris Malone 1490
Brazil Basketball Pontiac Silverdome 1432
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Top Players In Assists
Brazil Basketball Called Nobody 838
Brazil Basketball Everson Bittencourt 798
Brazil Basketball Tiago Splitter 637
Brazil Basketball Killo Watts 518
USA Basketball Stockton Tomalone 517
Brazil Basketball Alonzo Npc Takefumi 452
Brazil Basketball Arth Pendragon 449
Colombia Basketball Mao Molina 447
Brazil Basketball Klein Npc Dani 446
Brazil Basketball Flavius Npc Aristocleu 439
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Top Players In Steals
Argentina Basketball Max Samuel 866
Brazil Basketball Everson Bittencourt 751
Lithuania Basketball Arvydas Milaknis 653
Brazil Basketball Chris Malone 427
Philippines Basketball D' Assassin 247
Wake Island Basketball Kobis Bryant 235
Puerto Rico Basketball Jason Williams 212
Brazil Basketball Peter Pedro 208
Brazil Basketball Pontiac Silverdome 200
Brazil Basketball Arth Pendragon 172
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Top Players In Blocks
Brazil Basketball Andre Misson 238
USA Basketball Stockton Tomalone 189
Brazil Basketball Chris Drunk 182
Brazil Basketball Chris Big 153
USA Basketball Jannero Pargo 122
Puerto Rico Basketball Marcin Gortat 121
Brazil Basketball Tiago Splitter 113
Brazil Basketball Chris Well 111
USA Basketball Andrea Bargnani 101
Brazil Basketball Arth Pendragon 100
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Top Players In Rebounds
USA Basketball Andrea Bargnani 1563
Brazil Basketball Chris Well 1307
Lithuania Basketball Arvydas Milaknis 1206
USA Basketball Jannero Pargo 1197
Brazil Basketball Chris Malone 1184
Argentina Basketball Max Samuel 1154
Brazil Basketball Carlos Rollo 1073
Palmyra Atoll Basketball Revolver Ocelot 977
United Kingdom Basketball Charles Road 946
Brazil Basketball Guilherme Kobe 939
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