DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Africa Juniors
Only players born between seasons 42 and 45. can play here
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redeyesBR (206 posts)

Have many S30 players with good stats needing team, just go and heck (stats public)

11 years ago by redeyesBR (206) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Africa Juniors has the same champions 2nd season in a row - The Penguins Of Madagascar :)

This is how medal winners look like:
GOLD medal - The Penguins Of Madagascar (owned by Dungeon)
SILVER medal - London Ballers (owned by COMPUTER, but filled by Dungeon's players)
BRONZE medal - Club Sahara Lions (owned by COMPUTER)

Tankisken and his Togo Vodun Gods team were close enough to win bronze, but Lions played better in series for bronze. Anyway, good luck next season! :)

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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Dungeon (2319 posts)

Interesting match today:
The Penguins Of Madagascar vs London Ballers
Two teams which currently stands in highest positions. Last time Penguins won 199-151. In other words, no chances for Ballers team. It's interesting if Penguins will be able to repeat their success today.

Another interesting game:
Ilokano Kimats vs The Clutch Champions
Kimats team consists of Victorious777's players and is not so far from Playoffs spot. But Champions is not in 5th position by mistake. This team played really well so far and it's players are willing to stay in top 6 for sure.
Have a great match guys! :)

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

The Penguins Of Madagascar vs Club Sahara Lions
It's human owned team against computer owned team. Both club have no loses yet. It seems that human owned team should have an advantage, but computer owned team has much higher team value: 61.38 vs 42.78
We'll see how it ends :)

Hey Victorious777 ;) Your guys have 3 wins in a row. Nice run! Keep moving towards Playoffs spots ;)

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Omnem, Shyminx, Dragon:
could someone please take a look at the last game where Ilokano Kimats played against The Penguins Of Madagascar.
There are some problems with last quarter.

If you take a look at play-by-play you'll see that Kimats players scores or make shots after Penguins rebounds the ball. Plus, there are to turnovers at all in play-by-play section while there are 25 turnovers in team stats.
Please take a look. Today is a day off the league games, so it would be a good opportunity to resim it.
Many thanks!

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

I would say that a very interesting game should be between these two clubs:
Switchbacks vs Togo Vodun Gods
Gods club has active manager Tankisken and has similar team value as Switchbacks. So, that's quite interesting.

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Good game Victorious777!
After 3 knock-outs at the beginning of season your team achieved first victory. And this is just beginning, I am sure.

Of course, I can guarantee that your next match gonna be tough...
Ilokano Kimats vs The Penguins Of Madagascar
Penguins are very serious about this match and they are not going to let anyone take their champions crown so easily. So, better be well prepared for this game!

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Hi Gog1693 :)

What do you plan for this season? You were so close last season... I believe that you should be one of the real candidates to win this league. If not the league, then medals for sure.
So will you reveal a secret what are the goals of Club Sahara Lions basketball club for season 31? :)

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Hey Victorious777 ;)
I see you have a team full of your players. I would say that's a good choice! Your team is not the same as it was last time, but now you can fully control: team management and player building. Combination of this give a good result usually.
What are your plans for this season?

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Victorious777 (142 posts)

I wish Govzangief comes back with his players for the Kimats to keep the medal streak going. And so I can retire all my non- rookie players and just focus on rookie players

11 years ago by Victorious777 (142) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

The 30th season has ended! :) Congratulations everyone!!! :)

GOLD - The Penguins Of Madagascar (owned by Dungoen)
SILVER - Cape Town Apples (owned by Dungoen)
BRONZE - Ilokano Kimats (owned by Victorious777)

Final game for bronze lost Gog1693 and his Club Sahara Lions. But this team showed a really great character and basketball skills. I hope that you Gog1693 will be here next season too.

Victorious777 did a great job and he is the only dominating in this league for already 5 seasons (since season 26). You brought a lots of competitiveness to this league. That's awesome! :)

1st and 2nd places belongs to Dungeon and his Apples and Penguins.
Apples won second trophy in this league: bronze in S29, silver in S30. Which means that expectations are really high for the next season.

And now!!! We have a new champion - The Penguins of Madagascar!!!
Last trophy was won long time ago... This is first time when this team is owned by new manager Dungeon and such a great success in the first season. No one could expect anything better. Congratulations for the Champions of Africa Juniors!

P.S. A huge masquerade, festival and celebration will be organized in Madagascar. Everybody is welcome!!! :)

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Oh yeah! :) That was a great games to watch :)

Loser teams in first matches now are winner teams. So it's tied in series 1-1.

Kimats club was able to achieve victory in home arena after a very tough club. I guess it cost a lots of nerves for Victorious777, because it was a close match.
Last game will be played today and we'll find out who is the bronze medal winner of S30. Frankly speaking, both teams and their managers are worth to win bronze.
Good luck, Gog1693 and Victorious777!

In Finals match Penguins defeated Apples in Cape Town's Bulls arena by 12 points. Penguins were able to recover after a very close match with an extra time. It shows that this team has a character. It seems that players are very well prepared psychologically. Now it's time to show the same for Apples club.
We will have a new champion of the league today!!!

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

What a great games we just had yesterday.

Lions beat Kimats - champions of season 29. Lions lost 2 games against Kimats in regular season. But now everything has changed. Gog1693 is one step further towards bronze medals and Victorious777 needs to chase him down in order to get award in this league.

In match for gold even an extra time was needed. Penguins lost for the very first time this season after a very tough game. Apples club needs one more win in order to be named champions of Africa Juniors in S30.
Apples club won bronze last season. So, this time it will be gold or silver and now has everything in their hands. Next match will be played in Cape Town. Fans are going crazy about it. But I am sure that lots of people will arrive from Madagascar island to support their Penguins.
Good luck everyone!

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

What a games we just had in 2nd round. Apples and Penguins celebrated victories, but this is not over yet. Too early to final celebration, cause today we're going to second confrontation of best 4 teams in our league.

Apples fans a really happy about the performance of their favourite club. Plus, situation is different from the last season when Apples lost both semi-finals games. Some fans even talk that this can be Apples season. This team is really strong, have good players, some of them already played last season so they really know their opponent well.

Similar situation about the fans is in other pair where Penguins after a very tough match were able to beat Lions. Yes, it's already 4th win against Lions this season and every fan is willing to keep in that way. Plus, Penguins is the only team which haven't suffered from a loss so far. Team management is doing a huge job in order to keep team so competitive.

Today we will find out which teams are going to play for gold this season. It seems now that Apples and Penguins have better chances, cause they have already won their first matches. But you can never be sure till the final buzzer. So good luck everyone!

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

2nd round! Semi-finals!

The Penguins Of Madagascar vs Club Sahara Lions
Two human managers against each other: Dungeon vs Gog1693.
Both clubs are really strong. Some people say that Penguins have better chances in this round, because they won all games against Lions this season.
There were two games in Regular season and Penguins won them: 127-107 and 115-107. Also one game in Moderators Trophy tournament, which also ended with a win of Penguins: 168-138.
Anyway, I wouldn't be so sure which team is a favourite one. Yes, Penguins have won all previous matches, but Lions improved a lot during this season and Penguins had only 8 points advantage in the last game. Besides, it's Playoffs. Which means that everybody will give every droplet of their energy. Plus, Lions have way better team value: 52,24 vs 41,27.
Good luck for both team managers and players!

Cape Town Apples vs Ilokano Kimats
Oh... this one is a good one! :) The same semi-finals match as in previous season. Last season Kimats won this league and beaten Apples in semi-finals: 136-132 and 117-103. Apples won bronze last season. So, it's champion of S29 vs 3rd place winner of S29.
I am sure that Victorious777 will do everything he can in order to win this round second season in a row. What I am also sure is that Dungeon will try to revenge for the last season and fight for a champion title this season.
One more thing, Apples won both regular season matches: 154-149 and 150-135. As you can notice, both games were a tough one. It wasn't convincing wins. So, we are all looking forward to see a very beautiful and tough competition between these two basketball clubs! Good luck! :)

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

It's playoffs!!!
1st round!

The Clutch Champions vs Club Sahara Lions
Result is tied in series: 1-1. So that's gonna be a tough match.
Besides, Lions is human owned team. Good luck Gog1693!

South Africa Growling Tigers vs Ilokano Kimats
Kimats team with manager Victorious777 is definitely a favourite club in this series. So, no surprise that Kimats won regular season series 2-0.

Good luck everyone in first games of the first playoffs round!

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

The Clutch Champions vs Magic Matrix
Two 45 value teams which currently stands in 5th and 6th positions.

Club Sahara Lions vs The Penguins Of Madagascar
Lions club is one of the candidates to win medals this season. Both manager Gog1693 and Dungeon will try win.
It's important for Lions team to stay as high as possible in Standings in order to have weaker opponent in first round of Playoffs.
Penguins will try to be unbeaten team this season. They have guaranteed 1st position, but everybody - fans, players, management - are hoping to win in every match.

Rosario Central vs Cape Town Apples
Despite the fact that Rosario Central is in 10th position, this is still a very strong team, plus human manager - martin7777 keeps doing a good job and this team still might have theoretical chances for playoffs.
Good luck!

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Two days ago Cape Town Apples had a tough match, cause the opponent was Victorious777 and his Ilokano Kimats basketball club.
Apples were able to win, but it was really hard.

Now it seems that Penguins will stay in 1st position in Regular season, but there are 4 teams which can change their current position during the season. All of them (Apples, Lions, Kimats and Champions) seems to be strong enough and it's really not clear what pairs will we see in Playoffs.

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

What a games between 4 teams from top5 in Standings! :D

Kimats won by 2 points against Clutch Champions 139-137.
S27 Pf-2 made a jump shot after a great assist from Simas Jasaitis and left only 5 seconds for opponents. Clutch Champions were not able to make a successful attack. Kimats celebrates victory.

Penguins basketball club from Madagascar won only 2 points against Cape Town basketball club 172-170. Last time Penguins victory was more solid, but still quite close. This time it was a very close match. Success key to Penguins win was a successful play in Q2.

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Hey guys :)

We have few really interesting games today:

Ilokano Kimats vs The Clutch Champions
Kimants is owned by Victorious777 and is a very strong club, that's why it stands in 2nd position at the moment.
Clutch Champions team is computer owned, but also a very strong and lost only 4 times so far.
Should be a good match. Recommend to watch it! :)

The Penguins Of Madagascar vs Cape Town Apples
It's Dungeon vs Dungeon indeed :)
Two clubs, which currently stands in 1st and 3rd positions. Should be a great match. Last time Penguins won 153-141. So, this time it might be a close match too, but not sure which team wins now :)

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Ooh la la... what a game between The Clutch Champions and The Penguins Of Madagascar!

140-142 Penguins won, but that was determined by 3pt shot by Timothy Hopkins with 5 seconds left in Q4.
It was a crucial moment and Penguins played better than Clutch Champions. This time... Never know how their next match gonna end.

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

The Clutch Champions vs The Penguins Of Madagascar
Despite the fact that The Clutch Champions club has no human owner, it is still a very strong and powerful club, that's why it has only 2 losses and 12 wins. Penguins is a club which was never defeated so far this season. And this club is going to keep things in the way they are now.
Should be a tough match between them! :)

It seems to me that South Africa Growling Tigers might climb to 6th position after today's match, cause their Magic Matrix will have a visitors - Ilokano Kimats. Don't need to mention that it is one of the strongest clubs in this league with a great manager Victorious777. Good luck!

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Very interesting situation in Standings, cause there are 4 teams with 10 wins and 2 loses.

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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Dungeon (2319 posts)

Nice game, Gog1693 :)
Even an extra time was needed!

Bob Harden made a jump shot with a sound of buzzer in Q4. And that saved Lions from losing.
Lions played performed better in extra time and won it 14-11.

Congratulations, Lions and Gog1693! :)

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
  1 people like this
Dungeon (2319 posts)

What a great match we're gonna have today:
Club Sahara Lions vs Cape Town Apples

Gog1693, your team looks really strong. But Apples is also a strong opponent. So, we'll find out soon which team is better at the moment :)
Good luck!

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
gog1693 (16 posts)

I'm looking for defensive players in every position, well paid but few minutes with Club Sahara Lions I want to win the campioship

11 years ago by gog1693 (16) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

What a game will be played today :)

The Penguins Of Madagascar vs Club Sahara Lions
It seems that Gog1693 has built a great team here. Should be tough match. We'll find out soon ;)
Good luck for both teams!

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Today we're gonna see an interesting match between South Africa Growling Tigers and Ilokano Kimats.

I'd say that Kimats gonna win, keeping in mind that Kimats team have a really good players and good manager Victorious777 which will make sure that Kimats club puts another win to their win-list ;)
Good luck!

Another interesting confrontation between two human owned clubs:
Sahara Desertstorm Troopers (owned by Gog1693) vs Niznij Novgorod (owned by HBKsm)
Novgorod team has no wins this season so far and I really doubt that today they're going to take the first win. Anyway, I hope HBKsm is working on building a great team in order to make this league even more competitive.
Speaking of Troopers club... Well, this team looks like a serious threat for everyone. By the way, Troopers lost by 1 point against The Clutch Champions yesterday, so today I believe this team will not show any mercy for Novgorod club.
We'll see their game soon ;) Good luck guys!

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Desertito (4 posts)

hi all :)

11 years ago by Desertito (4) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Hey martin7777 ;)
Welcome on management board! :)

Nice win against Switchbacks. This club was second last season. It seems that they won't be so lucky ;)

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
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