DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Premier Underachievers Cup
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Israel Basketball Joe Mazzulla 264
Australia Basketball Kieth Richards 239
Australia Basketball Prp Expo 232
Ireland Basketball X0 2.0 224
Canada Basketball Nohva Davidson 212
Australia Basketball Ultimate Force 194
Spain Basketball Mirotic One 184
Ireland Basketball ✰gk | Simbelmyn✰ 179
Spain Basketball Toni™ Ardiente Desconfiado 177
Spain Basketball Nimeas Vistollegar 177
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Top Players In Assists
Spain Basketball Toni™ Latigo Escarlata 81
Ireland Basketball Dancing Tornado 80
Spain Basketball Sg Aralgora 71
Canada Basketball Ladavidson Bruce 66
Germany Basketball Toni® Salto Sin Parar 50
China Basketball Toni® Txapelas 48
China Basketball Oriental Walls 42
Spain Basketball Tetoco Lasnarices 40
Sweden Basketball Capino Barbarian 39
Lithuania Basketball Grant™ 38
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Top Players In Steals
Iceland Basketball Icy Def 61
Spain Basketball Toni™ Latigo Escarlata 59
USA Basketball Phatt Stafford 54
Spain Basketball Toni™ Aromaterapia 49
Ireland Basketball Dark Avenger 47
Ireland Basketball Missing Link 42
Lithuania Basketball Debar™ 41
Spain Basketball Tetoco Lasnarices 41
France Basketball Nyx Secret 38
Ireland Basketball Irish Avenger 38
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Top Players In Blocks
Lithuania Basketball Bring It!!! 35
Ireland Basketball Fly Shy 34
Australia Basketball Body Snatcher 32
Ireland Basketball Dancing Tornado 28
Ireland Basketball Irish Retriever 26
Spain Basketball Rudy Force 17
Ireland Basketball Woo Hoo 17
Nigeria Basketball Coyote Starrk 17
Lithuania Basketball ✰gk | Devil✰ 16
Ireland Basketball Nuttin New 16
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Top Players In Rebounds
Nigeria Basketball Coyote Starrk 182
Ireland Basketball Rave Angel 180
Ireland Basketball Dancing Tornado 156
Belize Basketball Silver Storm 127
Spain Basketball Gasoil Power 108
Germany Basketball Toni® Salto Sin Parar 101
Spain Basketball Sabonis Force 97
Ireland Basketball Nuttin New 97
Cameroon Basketball Ndamkong Suh 92
China Basketball Toni® Txapelas 76
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darthdarell (504 posts)

Time to defend our title! LOL

11 years ago by darthdarell (504) | Like | Comment | Open
Omnem (1780 posts)

jockman vs Zekeau in the last international tournament of the season !

Wow jockman had a second team in the semis. VN.

11 years ago by Omnem (1,780) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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