DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Premier Underachievers Cup
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
USA Basketball Cinder 266
Ireland Basketball X0 2.0 253
USA Basketball James Green 202
USA Basketball Illumination 188
Italy Basketball El Cascador 182
Spain Basketball Kick Ass 166
Netherlands Basketball Simone Simons 159
Hong Kong Basketball S.t. Danny Granger 157
Serbia Basketball Branko Hadžić 149
Serbia Basketball Milos Hadzic Ii 146
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Top Players In Assists
USA Basketball Intelligent Design 99
USA Basketball Mr. Puppet 83
USA Basketball An American Poet 82
Botswana Basketball Lightning 77
USA Basketball Envy Force 69
Lithuania Basketball Valdas Npc Balciunas 65
Belize Basketball Silver Storm 55
Lithuania Basketball Bring It!!! 46
USA Basketball Marcus Camby 45
USA Basketball Slow Fast 44
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Top Players In Steals
Kazakhstan Basketball Stick Up 93
Serbia Basketball Milos Hadzic Ii 58
USA Basketball Slow Fast 53
Ireland Basketball X0 2.0 38
USA Basketball Main Stay 37
USA Basketball Artificial Intelligence 36
Serbia Basketball Real Hb 35
Nigeria Basketball Toni™ Primicious 33
USA Basketball An American Poet 29
Serbia Basketball Predrag Danilovic 28
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Top Players In Blocks
Ireland Basketball Hmmm I Dunno 47
Lithuania Basketball Bring It!!! 32
USA Basketball Envy Force 23
USA Basketball Mr. Puppet 22
France Basketball Pau Falker 20
USA Basketball Neon's Wolf 19
USA Basketball Insane Thrasher 19
Italy Basketball El Cascador 19
USA Basketball Intelligent Design 15
France Basketball Harry Cot 14
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Top Players In Rebounds
Belize Basketball Silver Storm 178
USA Basketball Intelligent Design 130
USA Basketball Envy Force 127
Spain Basketball Kick Ass 125
Ireland Basketball Devious #*^%#&#$^*er 122
USA Basketball An American Poet 99
USA Basketball Slow Fast 96
Botswana Basketball Lightning 92
Netherlands Basketball Simone Simons 84
USA Basketball Insane Thrasher 76
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darthdarell (504 posts)

Time to defend our title! LOL

11 years ago by darthdarell (504) | Like | Comment | Open
Omnem (1780 posts)

jockman vs Zekeau in the last international tournament of the season !

Wow jockman had a second team in the semis. VN.

11 years ago by Omnem (1,780) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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