DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Premier Underachievers Cup
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
USA Basketball Vic Funderburke 289
USA Basketball The Drip 252
Germany Basketball Occupy Cyberdunk 227
USA Basketball Slammin Scorer 2 185
Ireland Basketball Dark Light 179
Spain Basketball Javier Pos5 170
USA Basketball Short Round 157
Spain Basketball Javier Caamaño 149
Australia Basketball Tammy Blunt 147
India Basketball Kumar Lakshmikumar 138
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Top Players In Assists
Ireland Basketball Herbie 116
France Basketball Jacques Deveaux 104
Spain Basketball Javier3 333 88
Australia Basketball Darkstar Seven 71
Croatia Basketball Ashes You Leave 46
Spain Basketball Javier 1 43
United Kingdom Basketball Gavin Samuel 43
Argentina Basketball Ignacio Paredes 42
USA Basketball Marcus Brody 41
Bahamas, The Basketball Moravac Npc Genya 39
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Top Players In Steals
Ireland Basketball Herbie 99
USA Basketball Mutt Williams 99
France Basketball Jacques Deveaux 89
Germany Basketball Occupy Cyberdunk 64
Argentina Basketball Mito Mano 58
Spain Basketball Javier 2 45
Liechtenstein Basketball Sabine Dunser 39
United Kingdom Basketball Gavin Samuel 37
Spain Basketball Javier 1 32
Germany Basketball Crush Pollyn 31
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Top Players In Blocks
USA Basketball The Drop 39
Kingman Reef Basketball Silchas Ruin 30
USA Basketball Marcus Brody 24
Ireland Basketball Herbie 22
Ireland Basketball Half Wit 19
Australia Basketball Darkstar Seven 18
Spain Basketball Javier Caamaño 15
Spain Basketball Javier 2 13
Australia Basketball Tammy Blunt 13
Ireland Basketball Power Up 11
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Top Players In Rebounds
Ireland Basketball Replace Me 130
USA Basketball The Drop 108
USA Basketball Marcus Brody 104
Ireland Basketball Half Wit 102
Liechtenstein Basketball Sabine Dunser 93
France Basketball Jacques Deveaux 91
Mexico Basketball Marco Gutiérrez 83
Ireland Basketball Power Up 73
Spain Basketball Javier Pos5 69
Australia Basketball Darkstar Seven 57
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darthdarell (504 posts)

Time to defend our title! LOL

11 years ago by darthdarell (504) | Like | Comment | Open
Omnem (1780 posts)

jockman vs Zekeau in the last international tournament of the season !

Wow jockman had a second team in the semis. VN.

11 years ago by Omnem (1,780) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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