DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
First Division Underachievers
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Aruba Basketball 2pac Shakur 304
Aruba Basketball E. 40 242
USA Basketball Patrick Keenan 213
Lithuania Basketball Rainius Kacinas 125
Aruba Basketball Eazy E. 118
Lithuania Basketball Vainius Lapijus 95
Lithuania Basketball Viktoras Greitutis 85
USA Basketball Mr Block 83
Pakistan Basketball Kevin Durant 79
USA Basketball Yoshito Npc Gherontie 74
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Top Players In Assists
Mexico Basketball Caiden Npc Mikita 76
USA Basketball Yoshito Npc Gherontie 41
Aruba Basketball Spice One 37
Aruba Basketball Eazy E. 31
Lithuania Basketball Vainius Lapijus 30
Lithuania Basketball Rainius Kacinas 29
USA Basketball Hodonj Npc Fredy 27
USA Basketball Collins Npc Alan 27
USA Basketball Uchito Npc Andronic 25
Israel Basketball Mathias Npc Shunya 24
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Top Players In Steals
Lithuania Basketball Rainius Kacinas 61
USA Basketball Patrick Keenan 34
Lithuania Basketball Viktoras Greitutis 13
Aruba Basketball E. 40 11
Aruba Basketball Spice One 7
USA Basketball Collins Npc Alan 6
USA Basketball Ricci Npc Aitken 5
Israel Basketball Ryker Npc Ben 5
Aruba Basketball Eazy E. 5
Israel Basketball Beakovic Npc Heita 5
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Top Players In Blocks
Aruba Basketball Eazy E. 25
Aruba Basketball Spice One 23
Aruba Basketball E. 40 15
Lithuania Basketball Viktoras Greitutis 15
Aruba Basketball 2pac Shakur 14
USA Basketball Tiberius Quickstart 7
USA Basketball Patrick Keenan 6
France Basketball Isami Npc Bush 6
USA Basketball Tomas Npc Tomofumi 4
Philippines Basketball Seigi Npc Pandev 4
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Top Players In Rebounds
Aruba Basketball Eazy E. 154
Aruba Basketball Spice One 138
USA Basketball Patrick Keenan 111
USA Basketball Mr Block 65
USA Basketball Hodonj Npc Fredy 61
Lithuania Basketball Viktoras Greitutis 61
Aruba Basketball 2pac Shakur 60
USA Basketball Al Jefferson 54
Aruba Basketball E. 40 54
India Basketball Ellis Npc Brnabic 52
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Shyminx (1140 posts)

The 1st Division Underachievers will 1 day before all the others, because not all the teams registered in the competition and so are 1 round shorter.

However, I have gone through all the missing teams any that were human owned or teams with players on them have been switched out for the computer teams with no active players.

Please check your schedule for the next round to see you your opponent is going to be.

Good luck to everyone.

11 years ago by Shyminx (1,140) | Like | Comment | Open
vezara (436 posts)

First Division Underachievers not simmed

11 years ago by vezara (436) | Like | Comment | Open
GraVe (1096 posts)

GG Msg!

11 years ago by GraVe (1,096) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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