DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Youngers Division Cup
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Reunion Basketball Aries Shion 263
Reunion Basketball Pisces Albafica 225
New Zealand Basketball Ghor Rio 191
USA Basketball Tom Hung 157
USA Basketball Bernard Kimball 150
USA Basketball Julian Broderick 132
Greenland Basketball Ori 128
Lithuania Basketball Jeffery Mitchel 123
Greenland Basketball Thorin Oakenshield 120
Iceland Basketball Sauron 110
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Top Players In Assists
USA Basketball Mercury Benjamin 69
Oman Basketball Kid Raps 58
Spain Basketball Hanamichi Sakuragi 50
Reunion Basketball Virgo Asmita 45
Reunion Basketball Cancer Manigoldo 42
Greenland Basketball Balin 37
USA Basketball Frank Carhart 37
Spain Basketball Sky Dragon 34
USA Basketball Tom Hung 31
Greenland Basketball Kili 30
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Top Players In Steals
Greenland Basketball Kili 26
Reunion Basketball Libra Dōko 26
Reunion Basketball Leo Regulus 23
USA Basketball Evan Fortney 23
Reunion Basketball Virgo Asmita 23
Estonia Basketball Neo Green 15
Netherlands Basketball All-round Sf 14
Iceland Basketball Ungoliant 14
Spain Basketball Soul Dragon 12
Germany Basketball Sharp Slice 12
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Top Players In Blocks
Spain Basketball Takenori Akagi 29
Australia Basketball Glenn Syong 18
Lithuania Basketball Abas Kebabas 16
Reunion Basketball Gemini Deuteros 14
Reunion Basketball Libra Dōko 11
Oman Basketball Kid Raps 11
Reunion Basketball Leo Regulus 10
Australia Basketball Jorhe Estrada 10
Reunion Basketball Sagittarius Sisyphus 9
USA Basketball Duke Kincaid 9
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Top Players In Rebounds
Oman Basketball Kid Raps 121
Reunion Basketball Gemini Deuteros 80
Paraguay Basketball Roll Lee 64
USA Basketball Bernard Kimball 63
Spain Basketball Takenori Akagi 62
Spain Basketball Hanamichi Sakuragi 61
Greenland Basketball Balin 54
Iceland Basketball Morgoth 53
Spain Basketball Light Dragon 50
Netherlands Basketball Rebounding C 49
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thal (41 posts)


10 years ago by thal (41) | Like | Comment | Open
redeyesBR (206 posts)

the match ups seem a little odd...

10 years ago by redeyesBR (206) | Like | Comment | Open
redeyesBR (206 posts)

What happend???

10 years ago by redeyesBR (206) | Like | Comment | Open
darthdarell (504 posts)

LOL my players under a CPU team won the cup!

10 years ago by darthdarell (504) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
  1 people like this
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Oh, GraVe... What a nice win! Congratulations! You were left without no trophies last season. And this is your reward for your patience and endless training and hard work. This is your first trophy this season. But definitely not the last one! Congrats! :)

10 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
dapps06 (609 posts)

Oops, I meant to say good luck grave, should be a good match.

10 years ago by dapps06 (609) | Like | Comment | Open
dapps06 (609 posts)

10 years ago by dapps06 (609) | Like | Comment | Open
GraVe (1096 posts)

Glad that I get my revenge.....GG feedme.

10 years ago by GraVe (1,096) | Like | Comment | Open
redeyesbr (206 posts)

dapps06 grat game today, hope you win the tornament ^^

10 years ago by redeyesbr (206) | Like | Comment | Open
dapps06 (609 posts)

I guess I've never paid attention, how is the bracket for internationals setup? Is it just random? I've had two really tough games in a row and I see teams that are ranked below me in my league that have had a cakewalk schedule so far. Shouldn't the better teams be given the benefit of an easier international schedule, not the weaker teams?

10 years ago by dapps06 (609) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Seba76, it's never too late to celebrate! :)

CONGRATULATIONS with a champion title of Youngers Division Cup!
You definitely deserved this title! You're the best! :)

10 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)


3 teams from North America Youngers and 1 from Asia Pacific Youngers.

Krakow Ancient Kings vs Oxford Owls
Both of them are most serious candidates to win this tournament the same as their national championship too. And that is because Seba76 is a very experienced manager, plus tetrahydroc has built amazing team this season which crushes almost everyone on its way.

Seattle Retro Sonics vs Pirates of the Caribbean
Despite the fact that Sonics team is in 6th position in its national championship, this team is very dangerous and strong, because it is owned by mrcavs.
Pirates team is also not between strongest teams in national championship, but it has strong will and well trained and talented players. Manager Dungeon makes sure that players are in best shape before the games.

10 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

So, 8 clubs left in this competition :)

1 from Euro East Youngers
1 from Middle East Youngers
1 from Asia Pacific Youngers
5 from North America Youngers

Situation is quite usual, because last 5 seasons winner team was from North America Youngers.
It's interesting if it will be 6th time in a row. Odds are on North America Youngers side as we can see.

10 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
DISLIKEandFLAG (10 posts)

Ugh almost had ya,good game Vipers

10 years ago by DISLIKEandFLAG (10) | Like | Comment | Open
mrcavs (23 posts)

Well Done RobyWave, 2 close qtrs and two blowouts...you are a deserved champ!!

11 years ago by mrcavs (23) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
  1 people like this
robywave1971 (335 posts)

I expected to see U in the final, dungeon..

11 years ago by robywave1971 (335) | Like | Comment | Open
robywave1971 (335 posts)

Glad to meet,you with a real young competitive time, whbonney

11 years ago by robywave1971 (335) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

From your latest post I believe you're willing to crush Kangaroos today, robywave1971? :D

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

In such an early stage of this tournament we already have so many great matches.
Youngers Butterflies vs Melbourne Kangaroos, E N O Youngers vs CTU Los Angeles, Ck Robywave's Surfers vs Wolverines Team are just a few to mention. There are more of course. What a great day ;)

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

This time Musampa had no chance against robywave1971, which resulted that Butterflies were crushed by Celtics in more than 40 points.
Similar situation in other semi-finals match where Dungeon's Kangaroos were smashed by seahjiaxun's Tigers in more than 25 points.

Today is a final day of this international competition! And we see two great teams ready to give away everything in order to achieve champion title this season.
robywave1971 already know this taste of champion title as he already won this tournament in season 25 with his current Ck Robywave's Juniors club.

Interesting fact, in Juniors Division Cup robywave1971's Ck Robywave's Juniors also participates in a final match today. As we can see robywave1971 is a very tough opponent for anyone. I believe that it will be a very hard task for seahjiaxun today to beat him, but I agree that both of teams has their strengths and weaknesses which means that both of these clubs can win today :)

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Very interesting semi-final games ;)

Youngers Butterflies club has defeated Ck Robywave's Celtics in a league game 164-153. As we can expect, it probably will be a very close game and I could not bet which of them wins. Both can to win of course :)

Melbourne Kangaroos and Shenyang Tigers have never played this season as they belong to different leagues in Youngers. But both of them seems to be a really strong and worth to go to the Finals :)

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
robywave1971 (335 posts)

Good game dungeon, simply Too bosted for your team

11 years ago by robywave1971 (335) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

New season just started. And we'll have lots of challenges this season here in Youngers Division Cup.
Good luck in first games of this competition ;) Unfortunately, first games will be the last for a half of teams, so it's time to show really good performance. No time to wait for another opportunity :)


11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

It's time to find out who is the winner of Youngers Division Cup in S27.

Ck Dragon Slayer Syndicate vs E N O Youngers
It was Day 14 when these club met last time. And Dragon Slayer Syndicate was better that time 100-74. But that was a league game. Today it's a game for the champion title of Youngers Division Cup.
As Mackey is kind of new here in Youngers, his team has no titles yet in Youngers leagues and Youngers international competitions, but Mackey has everything to win the first international trophy. And not just win, but win the most noble kind of metal - gold.
GOVZANGIEF has lots of experience here in Youngers and his E N O Youngers club already has 2 medals from Youngers Division Cups in earlier season: gold in S23 and silver in S25. Another silver for sure, but another gold would be more appreciated.

Good luck guys, you're both worth to win champion title as you both are in top of North America Youngers. No surprise for anyone to see you here. Nevertheless it's no surprise, it's also a pleasure to watch how so strong basketball clubs and talented managers faces each other. Good luck!

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
  1 people like this
Dungeon (2319 posts)

As all 4 teams are from North America Youngers, all of them have already played against each other, cause yesterday was played 15th match on NAY, which means that every team has already played against any other league team.

Dragon Minx Boats vs E N O Youngers
In league match Youngers club won against Minx Boats 117-74. This is a huge 43 points advantage of Youngers club. But this was in the beginning of season. Lots of things might have changed till now, so we are looking forward to see a really good basketball competition.

Colorado Tigers vs Ck Dragon Slayer Syndicate
Their league match ended with a win of Mackey's club 166-136. It would be a sweet revenge for feedme in this semi-final match. We'll find out soon if that happens.

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
  1 people like this
Dragon (1067 posts)

All the semi-finalists are from NAY....good luck guys!

11 years ago by Dragon (1,067) | Like | Comment | Open
Mackey (764 posts)

Boy, I'm glad I'm in the bottom half of the brackets. Dragon, feedme Ivyt21 dungeon GOVZANGIEF. BTW gov....nice win today over doktor.

11 years ago by Mackey (764) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Semi-finals day in Youngers Division Cup of S26!

1st match:
Pirates of the Caribbean vs Universidad De La Vida
Both teams seems to be strong ones and both are between top 3 clubs in their national leagues. De La Vida players has much higher team value so that might be their trump card. Both managers will do their best to make it to Finals. But losing should not be such a bad thing cause losers will also be awarded with bronze medals. It is already a great achievement to go in this tournament so far... But players are fighters from their nature, so that's gonna be a great match. I sincerely believe so :)

2nd match:
Melbourne Kangaroos vs Dragon Minx
These basketball clubs are leaders in national championships. So, this time it's top team from Asia Pacific Youngers vs top team from North America Youngers. Team values are quite different, cause Minx club has much more trained players, but this is not an excuse for Kangaroos club. Both are willing to get a chance to play in Final. This is only one match, no series, so everyone starting from managers and finishing with players has to do their best in this match. These clubs have never played before as far as I know. As I heard, fans from both sides are very excited about this game. Gonna be a great show!

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
adrijus.g (160 posts)

Oh goddamnit.... 3 pts...

Good win Dungeon...

11 years ago by adrijus.g (160) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

I bet that biggest surprise in last round was win of Runk Pockers team against Oxford Owls. Pockers were able to finish match with 3 points advantage. It was a close match, but these young talented guys played really well and their manager stylusiam did really amazing job preparing his guys to play against a team with much higher team value.

Another interesting result was recorded between CK Colorado Tigers and Universidad De La Vida. 2nd team from North America Youngers won against 2nd team in Euro East Youngers. Congrats acojonante. Well played! :)

11 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
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