DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
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Top Players In Points
Australia Basketball Jock Man 666
Australia Basketball Jock-man Sandman 579
Philippines Basketball Kiefer Ravena 529
Ireland Basketball Inner Angel 450
Philippines Basketball Chris Tiu 449
Ireland Basketball Babs Bunny 433
USA Basketball Tyler Durden 380
Israel Basketball Dod Dov The 2 378
USA Basketball Reborn Wolf 373
Djibouti Basketball Clark Kent 370
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Top Players In Assists
Belgium Basketball Jock-man 8itch Please V2 275
Ireland Basketball Brian Scalabrine 205
Australia Basketball Whizz Bang 148
Papua New Guinea Basketball Cirkainais Papuaseens 134
Vietnam Basketball Nguyễn Quốc 128
Cape Verde Basketball Dennis Rodman 121
Israel Basketball Eitan Stein 109
Spain Basketball Kid Gasol 106
USA Basketball Intelligent Design 106
International Basketball Npc 94
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Top Players In Steals
USA Basketball Slammin Stealer Iii 282
USA Basketball Inna Yoface 155
USA Basketball Quick Lift 134
Spain Basketball Jock-man Prophecy 132
Israel Basketball Noam Barak 114
Howland Island Basketball Harvey Ii 110
Israel Basketball Omri Tavori 105
Spain Basketball Dark Force 100
Kazakhstan Basketball Stick Up 100
Canada Basketball Aware 95
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Top Players In Blocks
Philippines Basketball Greg Slaughter 53
Philippines Basketball Boy Sakla 44
USA Basketball Jamie Parry 42
Spain Basketball Serge Ibaka 40
Philippines Basketball Sabong 39
Guernsey Basketball Will Russell 38
USA Basketball Intelligent Design 36
Afghanistan Basketball Kapetan Danko 35
Philippines Basketball Kiefer Ravena 34
Philippines Basketball Chris Tiu 34
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Top Players In Rebounds
USA Basketball Intelligent Design 289
Belgium Basketball Jock-man 8itch Please V2 257
Philippines Basketball Greg Slaughter 228
Vietnam Basketball Nguyễn Quốc 187
Philippines Basketball Boy Sakla 182
Brazil Basketball Filler Around 170
Nigeria Basketball Yinka Dare 159
USA Basketball Main Stay 148
USA Basketball Zeta Wolf 142
USA Basketball Slow Fast 141
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dallybag (314 posts)

Why is my team, defending FD champion, not entered into this tournament? That doesn't make much sense...

9 years ago by dallybag (314) | Like | Comment | Open
dallybag (314 posts)

Where's my team's trophy for winning the S38 tournament? Waldo is way easier to find...

9 years ago by dallybag (314) | Like | Comment | Open
dallybag (314 posts)

Hell's yea, finally won a semi-decent tourney.

9 years ago by dallybag (314) | Like | Comment | Open
doktor (333 posts)

102 steals for my player hahaha

9 years ago by doktor (333) | Like | Comment | Open
dallybag (314 posts)

I'd love a rematch, good game Milan Axe!'s players. Looks like I'll be taking third in this cup. Congrats to both teams in the championship game!

10 years ago by dallybag (314) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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