DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
South Korea Cup
  168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Tokelau Basketball Rene Trifftnix 94
USA Basketball Amare Stoudemire 76
USA Basketball Moby Dick 75
France Basketball Rajon Rondo 75
Poland Basketball Glubschi Globscho 73
Russia Basketball Fedor Timoshenko 72
Canada Basketball Hoops "funkytown" Dunkerton 72
Kyrgyzstan Basketball Ray Allen 64
Tuvalu Basketball Sleepy Johnson 63
Aruba Basketball Mister Plus 62
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Top Players In Assists
Tokelau Basketball Rene Trifftnix 45
USA Basketball Amare Stoudemire 34
Benin Basketball Strong Howard 31
USA Basketball Moby Dick 27
Tonga Basketball Bryant Smith 26
USA Basketball Tyler Carrington 19
Netherlands Basketball Coen Oojier 18
Argentina Basketball Rashard Lewis 17
France Basketball Rajon Rondo 16
Ecuador Basketball Joe Bross 15
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Top Players In Steals
Singapore Basketball Wang Xian Tian 13
USA Basketball Dwight Howard 8
Russia Basketball Josh Smith 8
Mexico Basketball Speedy Gonzales 8
Aruba Basketball Rage James 7
Bangladesh Basketball Tixo Jabar 6
USA Basketball King "downtown" Banks 6
Tuvalu Basketball Sleepy Johnson 6
Aruba Basketball Mister Plus 6
USA Basketball Amare Stoudemire 5
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Top Players In Blocks
USA Basketball Amare Stoudemire 11
Benin Basketball Strong Howard 10
Bangladesh Basketball Tixo Jabar 10
United Kingdom Basketball Wii Have Fun 10
Aruba Basketball Mister Plus 10
Australia Basketball Michael Barker 9
Germany Basketball Sam Rock 9
Spain Basketball Bump Bumper Ii 9
Ireland Basketball Cash "show Time" Wo'nelly 8
Spain Basketball Carlos El Defensivo 7
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Top Players In Rebounds
Spain Basketball Zizou Redondo 39
France Basketball Magic Kobe 36
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Basketball 'air' Jordan 31
Argentina Basketball Rashard Lewis 30
USA Basketball Amare Stoudemire 28
Russia Basketball Josh Smith 28
Tokelau Basketball Rene Trifftnix 26
Canada Basketball Hoops "funkytown" Dunkerton 26
Nauru Basketball Louis Bullock 24
Turks and Caicos Islands Basketball T- Mac 23
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