DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Taiwan Cup
Competition has not been set up for this season yet. However you can browse previous seasons. Just click the season in which you are intersted.
Season 19 31 Motor City Mayhem lhood
Season 18 31 Heat Summer Club lhood
Season 17 31 Heat Summer Club lhood
Season 16 15 Motor City Mayhem ecyho
Season 15 63 There Is Nothing To Worry :d jockman
Season 14 63 Shohoku High School changer1
Season 13 127 Taliao Warriors COMPUTER
Season 12 63
Season 11 255
Season 10 255
Season 8 255 Ohh Leitao Invalice Sfl anabella
Season 7 255
Season 6 255
Season 5 255
Season 4 255
Season 3 255
Season 2 23
Season 1 23
Top Players In Points
Hong Kong Basketball Sunny Tang 291
China Basketball James Wong 244
Belgium Basketball Kilop Aligu 244
China Basketball Benny Col 238
Spain Basketball Jose Carlos Diaz 238
Taiwan Basketball Kobe Bryant 228
Israel Basketball Waiting For Retirement Cohen 228
Taiwan Basketball Minerva Anna 219
China Basketball Angus Young 218
USA Basketball Henk Norel 204
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Top Players In Assists
Taiwan Basketball Minerva Anna 82
Taiwan Basketball Meow Cat 71
Spain Basketball Jose Carlos Diaz 71
China Basketball James Wong 65
China Basketball Angus Young 61
Swaziland Basketball Durant Niviran 55
Belgium Basketball Kilop Aligu 55
Taiwan Basketball Kobe Bryant 54
Taiwan Basketball Ch In 54
Israel Basketball Waiting For Retirement Cohen 54
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Top Players In Steals
Taiwan Basketball 藤原 (fujiwara) 拓弥 (takumi) 96
Philippines Basketball Kendall Gill 81
Taiwan Basketball Alex Chen 62
Taiwan Basketball Harold Lee 57
Japan Basketball 仙道 彰 51
USA Basketball Brandon Roy 50
Poland Basketball Ray Allen 45
Lithuania Basketball Monk Flyer 41
Estonia Basketball Gary Payton 40
France Basketball Guigui Williamix 38
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Top Players In Blocks
USA Basketball Brandon Roy 36
Taiwan Basketball Super Saver 27
Brazil Basketball Darkwing Shield 25
USA Basketball Charles Barkley 25
Philippines Basketball Shorty Cool 24
Spain Basketball Dennis Rodman 23
Singapore Basketball Dark Ice 23
Taiwan Basketball I Am King 22
Australia Basketball Tsutomu Ishii 22
Hong Kong Basketball Ho Gilhim 21
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Top Players In Rebounds
Singapore Basketball Dark Ice 121
USA Basketball Wu Rasheed 108
Taiwan Basketball Big Max™ 108
Taiwan Basketball Mchand Dennls 100
Luxembourg Basketball Pau Garsol 100
Taiwan Basketball Def Ohala 97
USA Basketball Charles Barkley 97
Australia Basketball Country Coco 84
USA Basketball Dwight Mcnuggets 79
France Basketball Gilbert Benoit 78
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