DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
International Cup
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Andorra Basketball Anton Barcelo Serra 152
Spain Basketball Kobe Bryant 150
Slovenia Basketball Dwyane Wade 141
Lithuania Basketball Hunter Seba 140
Italy Basketball J.c. Navarro 140
China Basketball Jacob Wiggins 140
Spain Basketball Daredevil Seba 138
Albania Basketball Lucifer Seba 131
Romania Basketball Vlad Tepes 125
Spain Basketball Ray Smith 122
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Top Players In Assists
USA Basketball Hulk Seba 55
USA Basketball Toni ™ Violinist 41
USA Basketball Gerald Wallace 40
Brazil Basketball Polento Polenta 36
Chile Basketball Simon Collao 35
Barbados Basketball Boosty Collins 35
Israel Basketball Gil Adrien 35
Canada Basketball Teenage Werewolf 32
Argentina Basketball James Worthy 32
USA Basketball Thor Seba 31
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Top Players In Steals
China Basketball Mzr²³pollo Al Limon 13
Spain Basketball Asier Gratacos Fontanet 10
Spain Basketball Kra Sob 10
USA Basketball Gerald Wallace 10
USA Basketball Is Rayo Mcqueen 9
USA Basketball Toni ™ Violinist 9
United Kingdom Basketball Bobby Moore 8
Dhekelia Basketball Kamikaze Loko 8
USA Basketball Giveth & Taketh Away 8
USA Basketball Patrick Ewing 8
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Top Players In Blocks
Hong Kong Basketball Iceman Seba 22
United Kingdom Basketball Bobby Moore 18
China Basketball Yao Ming 18
Spain Basketball El Matador 17
USA Basketball Wolverine Seba 17
Spain Basketball Ivan Pitarch Montiu 16
Canada Basketball Rulito Animal Canadiense 16
Finland Basketball Niko Suni #32 © 16
USA Basketball The Pearl 16
Canada Basketball Charlie Ward 15
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Top Players In Rebounds
Spain Basketball Victor Rodriguez 62
USA Basketball Shadow Boxer 58
Australia Basketball Kooka Burra 57
Lithuania Basketball Marcus Camby 57
Argentina Basketball James Worthy 56
China Basketball Yy Npc Ming 55
Lithuania Basketball King Goth 55
Barbados Basketball Delice Delbert Mcmorris 54
Finland Basketball Niko Suni #32 © 51
Germany Basketball Punisher Seba 50
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