DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Brazil Cup
  32168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Italy Basketball Richard Walker 250
USA Basketball Mr Steve The Dragon7s 228
Brazil Basketball Silent Knight 212
Brazil Basketball Welington Jordan 161
Brazil Basketball Welington Pippen 158
Philippines Basketball Col. Hans Landa 139
USA Basketball Bobby Plump 137
Australia Basketball Slam Dunk Man Magoo 136
Portugal Basketball Xuxas Pedroso 130
Taiwan Basketball Yo Yo 129
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Top Players In Assists
Italy Basketball Vincenzo Savoca 53
Brazil Basketball Mr Gui Clementino 42
Spain Basketball Jan Vesely 42
Poland Basketball Harry Tasker 41
Italy Basketball Dalibor Walker 39
Brazil Basketball Welington Jordan 38
Lithuania Basketball Pa Asaf 38
Taiwan Basketball Yo Yo 36
Nauru Basketball Scrotus Pg Magoo 35
Argentina Basketball Nacho Silvero 35
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Top Players In Steals
Australia Basketball Mr Gob Head Magician 61
Italy Basketball Gianluca B. Walker 52
Italy Basketball Steve Walker 48
Brazil Basketball Got It ™ 44
Nauru Basketball Scrotus Pg Magoo 43
USA Basketball Dudu Gibson 38
Germany Basketball Kirye Irving 35
Belgium Basketball Hila P A 29
Argentina Basketball Howard Eisley 28
Spain Basketball Euskadiko Ezkerra 27
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Top Players In Blocks
Kiribati Basketball Johnnie Walker 18
USA Basketball Mr Norman Zheng 16
Brazil Basketball Welington Rodman 14
Liechtenstein Basketball Almog Pa 13
USA Basketball Dwight Howard 13
USA Basketball Kevin Garnett 13
Brazil Basketball Marcos Varejão 13
USA Basketball The Inside Joker 13
Italy Basketball Dikembe Walker 13
Italy Basketball Don Corleone 11
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Top Players In Rebounds
Taiwan Basketball Yo Yo 75
Japan Basketball Bonsai Sg Magoo 74
USA Basketball Dwight Howard 71
Taiwan Basketball Hello Kitty 69
USA Basketball Bobby Plump 69
Brazil Basketball Caio De Oliveira Muniz Alves 66
Brazil Basketball Welington Jordan 66
Andorra Basketball Pan Asaf 62
USA Basketball The Inside Joker 61
Brazil Basketball Marcos Varejão 60
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