DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Canada Cup
  32168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
South Africa Basketball Mini's Karma Sutra 84
Andorra Basketball Jack Wilson 78
Canada Basketball Natxo Diaz-bonasera 73
China Basketball Crouching Tiger 69
Canada Basketball Katie West 65
Lithuania Basketball Darius Krovis 64
Poland Basketball Twist N Shout 63
Howland Island Basketball Shooter Mcdragon 63
Virgin Islands Basketball Hot Knife 63
Philippines Basketball Echo™ Monster 62
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Top Players In Assists
USA Basketball ♦ Contender ♦ 38
Spain Basketball Ice Man 25
USA Basketball Public Enemy 22
USA Basketball Jon Mcglocklin 22
Spain Basketball Mrcavs Julia Martin 21
Niue Basketball Mini's Soul Train 19
Puerto Rico Basketball ♦ Iron Man ♦ 19
Finland Basketball Mrcavs Ah-1 Super Cobra 17
Baker Island Basketball Funnybone Fernandez 17
France Basketball Pepé Le Pew 17
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Top Players In Steals
Brazil Basketball Marcelo Zack 13
Spain Basketball Speedy Gonzalez 12
Bermuda Basketball Straight Jacket 11
Poland Basketball Mitch Richmond 11
Australia Basketball Steal Da Rock 10
Spratly Islands Basketball Prince Machiavelli 9
Spain Basketball J. Alfred Prufrock 9
China Basketball Lockdown 8
China Basketball Lamentations Two Eighteen 8
USA Basketball ♦ The Gambit ♦ 7
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Top Players In Blocks
USA Basketball Robin 16
Netherlands Basketball The Hulk 15
USA Basketball Dominic Carter 13
Estonia Basketball Toni™ Waterloo 13
Spain Basketball Toni™ Socrates 11
USA Basketball Stretch Martin L.s.r. 10
Bermuda Basketball Straight Jacket 10
Taiwan Basketball Ron Artest 10
USA Basketball Dikembe Mutombo 10
Sao Tome and Principe Basketball Magical Defender® 10
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Top Players In Rebounds
Spratly Islands Basketball Quintessence 54
USA Basketball Ozzy Osborn 53
USA Basketball Stretch Martin L.s.r. 39
Equatorial Guinea Basketball Lord Voldemort ™ 34
Estonia Basketball Toni™ Waterloo 33
Australia Basketball Mrcavs Nathan Hindmarsh 33
Belize Basketball Dominator Killer 32
Laos Basketball Toni™ Duro De Pelar 31
Australia Basketball Mrcavs Eel 31
Slovenia Basketball Markus Wright 30
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