DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
France Cup
  32168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
France Basketball Batik Goikoetchea 174
France Basketball Rodrigue Beaubois 156
Vanuatu Basketball Mark Lanegan 152
Spain Basketball New Dlapiti 135
West Bank Basketball Kenko Kaizer 135
Andorra Basketball Lebron James 130
Philippines Basketball Antoine Diot 127
Spain Basketball Maximilian "max" Bercovicz 122
Poland Basketball Blake Griffin 114
Northern Mariana Islands Basketball Real Rebel 114
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Top Players In Assists
Latvia Basketball Ronny Turiaf 48
USA Basketball The Dude 29
Brazil Basketball Boris Falker 26
USA Basketball Blut Baron 25
Australia Basketball Patrick Mills 24
Andorra Basketball Lebron James 23
Laos Basketball Kolera Kaizer 23
France Basketball Rocher De La Vierge 22
Australia Basketball Nicolas Batum 22
Benin Basketball Stephane Sessegnon 21
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Top Players In Steals
Spain Basketball Rajon Rondo 41
Japan Basketball Wein Long 37
Brazil Basketball Boris Falker 34
Suriname Basketball Kevin Durant 31
France Basketball Serge Betsen 30
Latvia Basketball Komoko Kaizer 25
Germany Basketball Dunk Stopper 23
Laos Basketball Kolera Kaizer 22
Lithuania Basketball Shaquille Falker 22
Austria Basketball Max Mapache 22
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Top Players In Blocks
France Basketball Greg Duncan 28
Israel Basketball Gerald Falker 26
United Kingdom Basketball John Squire 22
Spain Basketball Victor Claver 20
China Basketball Yao Ming 18
Spain Basketball Blake Griffin 18
Philippines Basketball Yakouba Diawara 17
Australia Basketball Patrick Mills 16
Australia Basketball Nicolas Batum 15
France Basketball Rocher De La Vierge 14
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Top Players In Rebounds
Italy Basketball In Memorian . 87
Australia Basketball Patrick Mills 80
USA Basketball Cuonzo Martin 61
Latvia Basketball Baba Toļiks 60
China Basketball Yao Ming 60
France Basketball Greg Duncan 58
New Caledonia Basketball Butch Coolidge 57
Palmyra Atoll Basketball John G. Bandwie 57
Spain Basketball Dude Bingo 55
Bermuda Basketball Lamarcus Roy 54
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