DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
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Joshthehoss (598 posts)

If you'd like to get Snoop Pearson onto a great Junior team with guys his age, can you shoot me his 3 point shooting skill number? Thanks!

11 years ago by Joshthehoss (598) | Like | Comment | Open
mastermind777 (56 posts)

great game against my Golden Lions...needed overtime to seal the game

12 years ago by mastermind777 (56) | Like | Comment | Open
ThunderNick (69 posts)

hello nice to meet you it is Middle East Youngers league feel free to join it and join the team i am on ok

12 years ago by ThunderNick (69) | Like | Comment | Open
djrichie (76 posts)

Hey, if you would like any of my other players such as my BEAST PF or BEAST PG or BEAST C or BEAST SF, then tell me and I am willing to play for your team for a really low price. I just want lots of minnutes.

12 years ago by djrichie (76) | Like | Comment | Open
Joshthehoss (598 posts)

Want a rebounding, stealing sf on your team. He's a youngin' but willing to get a few minutes of playing time here or there. Hardhat Lunchpail is his name.

12 years ago by Joshthehoss (598) | Like | Comment | Open
Joshthehoss (598 posts)

Hey, I've got 2 young players who'd be great role players with your youngers team. Fo Shizzle's a blocking beast (s20), and I just started a stud attacking pg today who has the best equip and training money can buy. He's going to be special. It would be great to play on your team!

12 years ago by Joshthehoss (598) | Like | Comment | Open
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