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Alright we are getting to the closing stages with every day, who will win though?
I think the following are in with a chance:

CK Denver Tigers: odds on favorite for sure. Last seasons winner and yet to be beat this season. Feedme has the goods and will take a heck of a team to beat.

Fqa Munchen: A team I am not very familiar with although I believe they have a good manager in ivyt and alot of depth.

Fqa Gold coast blaze: The epitome of Asia pacific premier and a major threat. From what I can see they will either win in final 8 and go onto the last game or drop out in the 8.

Irish Minx: The best chance admin team. Not the greatest team but one of the best managers at the helm. Big chance if shyminx can produce her best

CK psycho sexual circus: my team and full of depth. Will take a big team and dedicated manager to beat. Has probably the best offense and rebounders in the game.

Fqa AOC and Arctic Scorpions: both teams are in with a shotbut will need some luck and and a good draw. They both gave the talent just need to produce.

ENO: not gov's best team in recent seasons but still a major threat. Will also need luck but in with a slight chance.

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