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Today is semi-finals day and what do we have here? :)
Well, well... two really exciting games!

E N O Youngers vs Dragon Minx Boats
Situation is identical to Youngers Division Cup, cause these two teams met there. Youngers were stronger a little bit at that time and forced Minx Boats to satisfy with bronze medals only. Of course, bronze is a huge achievement, but I believe that Minx Boats were prepared to fight for gold at that time. This is their chance. GOVZANGIEF will try to do everything in order to be able participate in second finals of international tournament this season. Besides, he has something to tell to Mackey as he was defeated in final game of Youngers Division Cup. But maybe it's Dragon's time? This club has lots of potential. Last season Minx Boats won silver medals everywhere. This season Minx Boats has bronze already from Youngers Division Cup. I am sure Minx Boats players and their fans dreams about more that bronze this time. Will that happen this time?

Ck The Final Syndicate vs Pocket Aces
This one is very interesting :) The pride of CK, perfectionist and most fearsome opponent for anyone in this league - Mackey :) This situation becomes even more interesting, because Mackey faces Ivyt21 today. And not so long time ago Ivyt21 defeated Mackey's Syndicate in league match 101-82 in Mackey's home arena. Of course, in their first match up, Ivyt21 was defeated 107-85 in his home arena :) So laddies and gentlemen, these guys has something to tell to each other, especially on court. And we are waiting for extremely interesting game between these two clubs! Good luck! We will have a lot of fun watching you guys fighting each other! :)

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