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Semi-finals! :)

Krakow Ancient Kings vs Shohoku High School
Kings owner Seba76 already won Youngers Division Cup this season and is willing to repeat his success once again in Legend Wannabees. He is a really tough opponent for anyone.
whbonney is keeping his team between top teams in Youngers second season in a row. Last season this guys won bronze in Youngers Division Cup. This season he also won a bronze in this tournament. But I'm sure he's preparing for a chance to win silver or gold.

Melbourne Kangaroos vs Pirates of the Caribbean
This is Dungeon vs Dungeon match. So, whichever team qualifies to the next round, will have a chance to win gold this season. Pirates already won silver medals this season in Youngers Division Cup while Kangaroos haven't yet, but will win bronze at least this season.

Good luck for all teams!

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