DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Lithuania Lietuvos Antra lyga
This is a free for all league in Lithuania. Any player can play here.
You are currently viewing the final playoff stages from season 16. Click here to return to season 46.
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Omnem (1780 posts)
Welcome to our new community update. Each league has recieved its own wall and we have added a new ingame forum at http://cyberdunk.com/team.php?m=community .

We believe this will increase interaction and activity between users. Currently our user interaction is pretty limited to our forum at www.talkdep.com .

This will change that, giving you the ability to interact with people playing in your league and everywhere in the game.

If you need any help contact Dragon or Shyminx.

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Top Players In Points
Philippines Basketball Wade Wilson 2185
Ireland Basketball Piscín ™ 2127
Spain Basketball J_dog_ Iommi 1717
Australia Basketball Paul Pierce 1705
United Kingdom Basketball Pigus Durant 1660
Poland Basketball Ray Allen 1455
Lithuania Basketball None Fifth 1254
Romania Basketball Jeremiah Smith 1226
Lithuania Basketball 3 3 1210
Romania Basketball Jorge Calvo 1206
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Top Players In Assists
Lithuania Basketball Linas Kleizinis 447
Lithuania Basketball Krisas Bošas 362
New Zealand Basketball J_dog_ Rhoads 362
Lithuania Basketball Jupiteris Mcmac 353
Ireland Basketball Josh Smith 343
Poland Basketball Dani ™ 339
United Kingdom Basketball Steve Smooth 310
Poland Basketball Mini's Rudy Gay 306
Philippines Basketball Wade Wilson 303
Lithuania Basketball Marijonas Petravičius 301
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Top Players In Steals
Poland Basketball Dani ™ 354
Congo Basketball Serge Ibaka 329
USA Basketball Full Forc∑ Project 286
Poland Basketball Mini's Rudy Gay 212
Philippines Basketball Wade Wilson 181
Romania Basketball Jeremiah Smith 153
Poland Basketball Bruce Bowen 105
France Basketball Nicolas Sarcosy 103
Wallis and Futuna Basketball Neca Lyderis 100
Lithuania Basketball Piktas Kaip Velnias 98
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Top Players In Blocks
Ireland Basketball Josh Smith 225
New Zealand Basketball J_dog_ Rhoads 208
USA Basketball Full Forc∑ Project 187
Baker Island Basketball J_dog_ Peart 170
Lithuania Basketball Neveksla Bukagalvis 165
Lithuania Basketball Ilgas Blokas 156
France Basketball Serhy Lischuk 147
Lithuania Basketball Darius Ilgauskis 141
Australia Basketball Feng Shui 140
Lithuania Basketball Pijus Vilimas 107
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Top Players In Rebounds
Lithuania Basketball Neveksla Bukagalvis 928
Lithuania Basketball Ilgas Blokas 833
Lithuania Basketball Mantas Vabutis 620
Lithuania Basketball Machmedas Minedas 591
USA Basketball Amare Stoudmire Jr. 571
USA Basketball Charlie Docks 564
USA Basketball Divot Head 555
Gibraltar Basketball Lary Bird 527
USA Basketball Full Forc∑ Project 521
Philippines Basketball Wade Wilson 459
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