DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Juniors Division Cup
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
USA Basketball Basket Case 268
Brazil Basketball Paulão Prestes 215
Brazil Basketball Irradiated Executioner 206
Isle of Man Basketball Red Ranger 201
USA Basketball Loud Mouth 198
Libya Basketball Green Ranger 194
Australia Basketball Grandmaster Melliemel 189
Canada Basketball Radio Silence 186
USA Basketball Balshaya Svinya 185
USA Basketball Crunchy ™ 180
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Top Players In Assists
USA Basketball Gatherer 86
Sweden Basketball Templar St.clair 75
Australia Basketball Blue Ranger 51
USA Basketball Glory Run ™ 49
USA Basketball Intelligent Design 46
USA Basketball Dual Personality 45
Canada Basketball Money Back 44
USA Basketball Collector 43
Ireland Basketball Stained Glass 41
United Kingdom Basketball Ethan Hill 39
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Top Players In Steals
Australia Basketball John Lennon 56
USA Basketball Bi Polar 47
Australia Basketball Toni® Defensor Total 43
USA Basketball Gamesaver's Wolf 33
Lithuania Basketball Dep Commander Usmc 33
Hong Kong Basketball S.t. Wilson Chandler 32
Australia Basketball Jazzy Jeff 31
Ethiopia Basketball Commander Usmc 27
Argentina Basketball That's Mine 27
Brazil Basketball Back Tool 26
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Top Players In Blocks
Canada Basketball Big Moose 27
USA Basketball Gamesaver's Wolf 26
USA Basketball Dual Personality 23
Australia Basketball Aretha Franklin 21
Australia Basketball Darkstar Seven 20
Hong Kong Basketball S.t. Wilson Chandler 20
USA Basketball Busy Body 20
Australia Basketball Ray Charles 18
USA Basketball Certified Nut 18
Australia Basketball Jamie Foxx 18
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Top Players In Rebounds
USA Basketball Artificial Intelligence 143
USA Basketball Intelligent Design 118
Brazil Basketball Solutions Center 103
USA Basketball Busy Body 97
USA Basketball Glory Run ™ 93
Sweden Basketball Nate Dogg 92
Brazil Basketball Floating Solution 88
USA Basketball Gatherer 82
Australia Basketball Darkstar Seven 72
USA Basketball Googler ™ 72
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rapcy (159 posts)

hi admin, why my team didnt manage to make it to this cup? ty.

9 years ago by rapcy (159) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Hey robywave1971 ;) Back on top! :) You are a champion on Juniors Division Cup! Congratulations! :)

10 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Like | Comment | Open
Dungeon (2319 posts)

Clubs from North America Juniors we champions of Juniors Division Cup for the last 3 seasons.

It seems that this season might not be an exception from the rule :)
I am telling that because there are 5 teams from North America Juniors and all of them are from top6 in that league. Can you imagine how tough these clubs are for their opponents?!?

Of course, there are other strong teams from Asia Pacific Juniors, Latin America Juniors and Asia Pacific Juniors. But North America has better chances to win this tournament.

Good luck everyone! :)

10 years ago by Dungeon (2,319) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
  1 people like this
schumi (59 posts)

shyminx, what happens here? Wolverines Team has won the game and it appears that they are out!!

10 years ago by schumi (59) | Like | Comment | Open
doktor (333 posts)

Even when you changed your tactic it was so close. Plus I forgot to change personal tactic for Bill ups GG Feedme THX

11 years ago by doktor (333) | Like | Comment | Open
robywave1971 (335 posts)

Gg shyminx, very close final and I was lucky. Too lucky in this period, i have to speack to my wife..

11 years ago by robywave1971 (335) | Like | Comment | Open
Shyminx (1140 posts)

Good game jizeus.

We had a slight advantage with out team being a season older, but great to see a S25 team get so deep into the competition :)

11 years ago by Shyminx (1,140) | Like | Comment | Open
bigdaddydale (64 posts)

Dude, if you beat me by 200, I quit CD......rubywave

11 years ago by bigdaddydale (64) | Like | Comment | Open
GraVe (1096 posts)

GG davidt82, glad that I was able to beat you :p GL angelluis in final.

11 years ago by GraVe (1,096) | Like | Comment | Open
davidt82 (868 posts)

Sweet16 baby!!!!!

11 years ago by davidt82 (868) | Like | Comment | Open
Joshthehoss (598 posts)

Great game today! Glad this one's over...

11 years ago by Joshthehoss (598) | Like | Comment | Open
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