DAY 69 / 69 OF SEASON 46
Germany Cup
  6432168 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Points
Estonia Basketball Chitown Hustler 458
Lithuania Basketball James Brown 368
USA Basketball Cuonzo Martin 346
Gaza Strip Basketball Board Cash 314
Italy Basketball S11 Jack The Snake 290
Iceland Basketball Kofi Kingston 282
Poland Basketball Miller Time 270
Italy Basketball S12 Larry Italiano Bird 262
USA Basketball Dan Oyer 258
Japan Basketball Dribbler Stealer 244
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Top Players In Assists
Australia Basketball Devil Dawg 144
China Basketball 99 And A 1/2 Won't Do It 100
Estonia Basketball Chitown Hustler 96
USA Basketball Stormin Norman 76
USA Basketball Buckle Down 74
France Basketball Ichiro Kabukiro 74
Japan Basketball Dribbler Stealer 68
Iceland Basketball Mason Ryan 60
Germany Basketball Tristan Npc Budimir 58
USA Basketball Virgil Earp 56
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Top Players In Steals
Canada Basketball Chester Cheeto 198
USA Basketball Johnny Housholder 150
Argentina Basketball Speeder Stealer 120
Poland Basketball Derrick Mckey 110
Japan Basketball Dribbler Stealer 110
Australia Basketball Devil Dawg 96
France Basketball Ichiro Kabukiro 90
USA Basketball Cuonzo Martin 68
Poland Basketball Teflon Don 62
Poland Basketball S11 Soul Stealer 54
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Top Players In Blocks
Iceland Basketball Mason Ryan 28
Northern Mariana Islands Basketball Good N Plenty 22
Colombia Basketball Another 2+1 Action 20
USA Basketball Virgil Earp 20
France Basketball Dimitri Rousseau 20
Colombia Basketball Matt Barnes 18
Chad Basketball Knock Knock 16
Lithuania Basketball Blokeris Aukstas 3 16
Armenia Basketball Pill Popper 16
USA Basketball Cuonzo Martin 16
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Top Players In Rebounds
France Basketball Dimitri Rousseau 184
Iceland Basketball Kofi Kingston 134
USA Basketball Virgil Earp 108
USA Basketball Stormin Norman 108
Northern Mariana Islands Basketball Good N Plenty 86
Israel Basketball Tanes Sader 82
France Basketball Ronny Turiaf 82
USA Basketball Cuonzo Martin 82
USA Basketball Buckle Down 80
Chad Basketball Knock Knock 78
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